Tuesday, 15 January 2013

What do you see under your blanket?

What do you see under your blanket?

To be frank, once I never used a blanket while sleeping when I'm still a toddler. I'm getting used to enjoying the cold night breeze that sweeps through my feet and imagined as if it was just a breeze vaporized from a cool stream in a middle of a sunny day, and it felt serene. It makes me waking up feeling refreshed, as if the coldness of the night is somewhat providing me with the strength to get up the next day.

But at some point, my mum bought me a new blanket, as from her motherly view it must be dreadful spending the cold night with nothing warm to cover with. Therefore, even though I only put the blanket beside my pillow when I'm asleep, she would sneak in during the night and covered it up onto my body. It feels warm as it covered me - so secure like a warm sunlight from the Heavens in the middle of winter.

And from that moment I started to indulge in its comfort and protection.

From that moment onwards I started to share my life with my blanket. I would never sleep without a blanket, even until now. As if the blanket itself protects me from the harsh coldness of life. With it I dreamed about anything that I could achieve in life. I've once dreamt of becoming a cartoonist. No, I want to be a writer. Or maybe a pilot. Then I could fly a plane.

Sometimes, I just dreamed to be a totally different person, and imagined living in a totally different life. Sometimes, I wish my blanket is a time machine, where with it I hope to change the course of things and the mistakes I made in the past. Sometimes, I wondered why God never gives the things that I want. Sometimes this. Sometimes that.

It’s like life have no boundary when you’re under your blanket. You'll continue to dream until you fall into a deep sleep, and when you wake up you realized that reality is so much different and you would hoped to close your eyes again and continue your everlasting dream. It is like your life under the blanket offers more possibilities than the real ones, which most of the time are harsh and unforgiving.

But ironically, in the end, you’ll realize the cruel fact that your blanket is not comforting at all. The blanket itself is the real bogeyman that all these years had successfully scared you so that you would continuously hide under his false comfort. Because of it, you grow up afraid of everything around you. It slowly drives you away from your life.

Your blanket gives you warmth, but the warmth is preventing you to wake up early to pray and be thankful to God. It gives you comfort, but the comfort is forbidding you to seize the opportunities that comes around you. With it you close your eyes and sleep soundly, but ironically it makes you turn a blind eye towards your own life. Your blanket gives you everything, yet you gain nothing.

If you continue to close your eyes from reality and continue daydreaming throughout your life, then how is that makes any different than death itself?

You will never realized all of these when you’re still under your blanket. But if you take if off and feel the insecurity that grips you without your blanket, then you’ll see what you had already missed in your life. And it's never too late to chase them back when you're still able to be awaken.

Of course at some level of your life, a blanket is needed, but you had to realize that no good things last; you eventually had to let it go and face the world without it.

So if you’re still under your blanket right now, take it off and just wake up!

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