Friday, 18 January 2013

To reset or not to reset.

There's this new online game that I had just fall in love with, Ragnarok Online II. Well it wasn't a surprise there since I'm already had a long crush with its predecessor. It's the full 3D version of RO in Forsaken World-style but since it is Ragnarok-based therefore it is more established, had more players and its servers are always full - unlike "FORSAKEN WORLD" which surprisingly is living up to its name. Still, FW had the best graphics though.

What FW needs to beat up RO2 is a major publicity.
So to make things short, since this game promotes one-character-one-commitment-per-player style (or at least that's what I thought), I've been committing myself to find the perfect build for my character. Thus this involves me deleting my characters, already twice in order to find the perfect combination for my character.

Well for the first previous two characters, it was kinda easy for me to let them go since they're still at low level and thus I do not had much affection for them as I'm still learning the gamestyle, thus I'm still in my try-and-error phase. Therefore I told myself that the third remake is my true character that I tend to persevere, and that character had served me well, at least until last night, when I realized that I had make a mistake that I did not realized before.

Well it's just A MISTAKE, so how serious the damage could be? Well for me, the damage itself destroyed the so-called perfect impression that I had towards my character.

Well even though that comes out sounding so nerd, and I admit that I'm not a perfectionist myself, but as I'm already wasting my time removing and rebuilding it, thus it's not too much for me to expect more from my character rite? (now to think of it, its just around a week or so since I've started playing this game so suddenly I think it wasn't that wasteful haha)

While I'm still undecided whether to delete or not my third character, I think a lot about its pros and cons, its affects towards my plans for this semester break, and eventually towards my entire life.

Suddenly I wished that sometimes my life can also had a delete or reset button, just like the character. So that when I do mistakes, I could just easily delete my old character and make a new one, so that I could start fresh all over again. Then I could make the appropriate changes in my life without jeopardizing my future. I could do all the things that I want to do better without paying the toll from the mistakes that I've done before.

Thus I could just forget the past and pretend like they never exist. How easy my life would be. Or is it?

Having a delete or reset button, it turns out surprisingly, holds many flaw. As you can easily reset and start new at any time, you'll end up wasting your time as you'll continue living in your past when those who you once moving with continue to advance. Eventually, everyone will leave you alone at the back.

Such a waste of time, lingering on the past. Believing that you are securing your future yet what you only do is kept walking in circles around your past just because you're afraid of its consequences towards your future.

Eventually you'll realized that to undo your past mistakes is actually your biggest mistake for your future. What will you achieve in the end? Does it really worth spending your short life by repeating your life all over again?

And sure enough as the mistakes you've done may clouded your judgement, you'll forget that with rain also comes the rainbow. Even for an online game, you'll make contact with those around you - you fight together, you die together, you promise with them to meet again tomorrow - you make new friendships along the way. And just apply this to your real life.

So is it really worthwhile to severe all of these relationships that you've had just already established just for the sake of undoing a mistake? Do I still had the reset button for my life in my hands?

I haven't figured that out yet.

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