Saturday, 5 May 2012

Withering flowers can't be revived.

How can I revive the beauty of such flowers?
Its hard to satisfy everybody when we were the one who aren't satisfied in the first place. To know this simple truth towards my life and everyone I've been associated with is not an enjoyable experience at all, and at some point I tend to let go rather than trying my best to cling of whatever left, which all these years had withered due to things that happen around us.

Yet I really understand that some may get the empathy on us, some of them aren't. Some of us needs further explanation and assurance of what they may had left but unfortunately some could not deliver what they want to hear. Some of us just treat others badly and therefore are bound with the consequences. Some of us may just want to escape from all of these things that occurs around him while some of us chase whatever we see in front. Some can understand our true feeling, and some don't.

But maybe some clashes and acquaintance in our lives are destined to be in separate ways towards the end of it. Eventually, I've to look to no one but myself. I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused all this time and I'm sorry that I couldn't make quite a commitment towards what I'm saying. I'm sorry for being a lousy pledge-keeper. I'm not proud of it and I never blame you for all the things that happen between us lately.

Maybe you see me as nothing were happen around me, which gives you the feeling of lesser significance in my life. And at that point I don't think you get it quite right. The way I treat you are no more or less different than how I treat everybody else around me, even to my own family. I gave lesser attention to those closest to me as I always feel them as a part of me. But I know I can't really prove it to you, but for those whom around me - my friend, family, my mom especially who never bored of calling and texting me which often unreplied - they knew how I am and I really grateful for that.

Thus, I just want to apologize if I'm not good enough to you. If parting seems to be the best solution, therefore I have to learn to live with it, wouldn't I? Sigh. If I can only wish how different things would be between us right now.

Left alone in the end.

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