Friday, 4 May 2012

What's on the other side of the mountain?

Darkness is somewhat beautiful, yet cold and cruel.

Its been half a year since my last post in this blog of mine. And all of these moments passed without any effort of preserving it except for what its left inside my memory just as the time slipped and with it my youth drawn away. And for these couple of days I couldn't help to notice how everything else is changing rapidly around me, from the corners of the world all the way through the political scene of my own country, even on this website everything seems to had left me from where I stand six months ago - alone and confused.

I'm already almost 23 and sadly I'm still searching of what am I going to do next. I know I had been moaning about this like since the day I published my blog but yet it seems that nothing that not quite change all these years. I yearn for something better and yet I realized that all I do is just thinking about them without any efforts to realizing them at all. I'm realizing of my own ability yet I'm still failing to make peace with my weakness and deal with it. I realized em all a long time a go and yet its was like time had never move on after that.

Am I a failure? Aren't I'm worthy of God's responsibility as a khalifa on this godforsaken earth?

And yet I know that for the sake of my future, I need to change - here and now. I realized that like me, there are still those around me that also questioned themselves with the same doubt over and over again and yet to find the answers. God answers all prayers, but sometimes His answer is concealed from our sight. We just had to wait until the right moment (and effort) to reveal it.

Its better to walk with difficulty even though the road ahead seems pointless rather than fantasizing on what the other side of the mountain looks like but doing nothing to get there. So just don't lose hope yet, shall we?

You'll never knew if there's a light hidden unless you travel across the mointain.

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