Wednesday, 23 November 2011

What the final epic of the clash of the titans taught me.

Malaysian Team celebrates its victory against Indonesia in the final match of football's SEA Games at Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, Indonesia. Harimau Muda won 4-3 in penalty round after the match ends up with tie 1-1.
- taken and translated from Berita Harian Online.

Dubbed as the Malaysian football hero, he saves the penalty kicks of Indonesian Ferdinan Sinaga in which opens the path for Malaysian glorious victory.
- taken and translated from Berita Harian Online.

Its already the second day since the glorious victory of our Harimau Muda Team against Timnas Garuda of Indonesia in an epic battle of Final Football SEA Games at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta. And sorry to say, again it was the Malayan tigers who end up having a garuda barbecue on the field, and thus eliminating every glimpse of Indonesian ego that had once ruled the stadium.

- pictures taken from Berita Harian Online.

And what's best about the game is the magnanimous publicity as well as the attention it gets - not just from the Ultras Malaya and the Laskar Garuda but also to all Malaysian as well as Indonesian regardless to whether they actually like watching football or just enjoying the controversy and the tense atmosphere it develops prior to the clash of the two archipelagoean titans.

You don't heard it wrong. Watching Malaysia and Indonesia in a football match is like going to a battlefield!

And for me, who doesn't even know (or even care that is) the jersey color of Chelsea and Man U (if they even had any specificity on it), it never troubles me at all. What's the best about these match is a sense of patriotism it develops within the respective countrymen itself.

We are so patriotic in a way that we never burnt anybody's flag (except Israel), we never use any alphabetical words (especially F) towards other country openly, and throw stones as well as lashes mockery towards our competitors are definitely out of our agenda. Yet we've proved to be a triumphant!

Thousands of Indonesian fanatic supporters "welcoming" the arrival of Malaysian Squad at the entrance of Gelora Bung Karno Stadium.
- taken and translated from Berita Harian Online.

Our silence against all the provocation sparked on us by our neighbors proven to be worthy. In that solitude of silence, we unite with each other through our heart; not through our mouth, and definitely not with goddamn laser or even bamboo sticks! Instead of blustering out curses and insults, we swallow every scorn of their hatred with silence and great endurance, ready to strike at the right moment. We believed that our victory - if God's permits it - would show them who's actually worthy to be called a champion.


Even for me, the sheer scale of feeling that our beloved country's dignity is at stake pounds in my heart at that night and its weight rests on the shoulders of our young yet promising tigers.

In the end, its also proven that God is also on our side. The prayer of the one's whom suffers yet endures proves to be more powerful than any form of insults and disrespects one's does to satisfy his or her vengeance. God showed us how they've become a loser which not just literally in the game - which nevertheless is still just a common game - but most importantly in their morality and virtues.


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