Saturday, 26 November 2011

What is your new year resolutions?

FYI, in the Islamic Calendar, a new day doesn't starts at 12am but starts during dusk after sundown. (traditionally marked in line with Maghrib prayers time)

As you can see in my blog's calendar, today is the last day of our Islamic Calendar of 1432 Hijra, and tomorrow would bring us to a new year of 1433AH (anno Hegirae), and the best part of it is it means that tomorrow is a holiday for us all in Malaysia. Who doesn't love holidays right?

So just as celebrating traditional Gregorian New Year's Eve here, the new year itself indicates the new chapter in one lives, and thus the most popular thing that occurs in one's mind is making new resolutions for the new year. Fortunately, I didn't make any new resolutions prior to the coming of 2011AD back then therefore I'm really excited to make one at this upcoming 1433AH.

So expecting that I would spill all of them here in my blog?

Certainly not! That's one secret I'll never tell. But if it ever accomplished - my resolution that is - then I'll promise that all of you would know it eventually. And don't forget to make yours!

X.O.X.O Happy New Year everybody!!

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

What the final epic of the clash of the titans taught me.

Malaysian Team celebrates its victory against Indonesia in the final match of football's SEA Games at Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta, Indonesia. Harimau Muda won 4-3 in penalty round after the match ends up with tie 1-1.
- taken and translated from Berita Harian Online.

Dubbed as the Malaysian football hero, he saves the penalty kicks of Indonesian Ferdinan Sinaga in which opens the path for Malaysian glorious victory.
- taken and translated from Berita Harian Online.

Its already the second day since the glorious victory of our Harimau Muda Team against Timnas Garuda of Indonesia in an epic battle of Final Football SEA Games at Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, Jakarta. And sorry to say, again it was the Malayan tigers who end up having a garuda barbecue on the field, and thus eliminating every glimpse of Indonesian ego that had once ruled the stadium.

- pictures taken from Berita Harian Online.

And what's best about the game is the magnanimous publicity as well as the attention it gets - not just from the Ultras Malaya and the Laskar Garuda but also to all Malaysian as well as Indonesian regardless to whether they actually like watching football or just enjoying the controversy and the tense atmosphere it develops prior to the clash of the two archipelagoean titans.

You don't heard it wrong. Watching Malaysia and Indonesia in a football match is like going to a battlefield!

And for me, who doesn't even know (or even care that is) the jersey color of Chelsea and Man U (if they even had any specificity on it), it never troubles me at all. What's the best about these match is a sense of patriotism it develops within the respective countrymen itself.

We are so patriotic in a way that we never burnt anybody's flag (except Israel), we never use any alphabetical words (especially F) towards other country openly, and throw stones as well as lashes mockery towards our competitors are definitely out of our agenda. Yet we've proved to be a triumphant!

Thousands of Indonesian fanatic supporters "welcoming" the arrival of Malaysian Squad at the entrance of Gelora Bung Karno Stadium.
- taken and translated from Berita Harian Online.

Our silence against all the provocation sparked on us by our neighbors proven to be worthy. In that solitude of silence, we unite with each other through our heart; not through our mouth, and definitely not with goddamn laser or even bamboo sticks! Instead of blustering out curses and insults, we swallow every scorn of their hatred with silence and great endurance, ready to strike at the right moment. We believed that our victory - if God's permits it - would show them who's actually worthy to be called a champion.


Even for me, the sheer scale of feeling that our beloved country's dignity is at stake pounds in my heart at that night and its weight rests on the shoulders of our young yet promising tigers.

In the end, its also proven that God is also on our side. The prayer of the one's whom suffers yet endures proves to be more powerful than any form of insults and disrespects one's does to satisfy his or her vengeance. God showed us how they've become a loser which not just literally in the game - which nevertheless is still just a common game - but most importantly in their morality and virtues.


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

What kind of product are you?

Have you ever wondered what's your true purpose in this life? 

Have you ever wondered while you're doing next to nothing at your couch, or just laying in front of TV and let it watch you snoring horridly and woke up in the middle of the night, going to toilet, and then thinking that there's nothing that you've achieved until that very moment in your lives other than adding fats on your body or just leveling up in some online games that everyone but you cared less of?

Have you ever felt that you're living in your own world, blissfully unaware that the world which you share with people around you a.k.a reality is so messed up that it can be only be comparable to Futurama's episodes?

Well, sadly I've been there, and done that as well.

For one thing that I've realized in this life is that like me, almost everybody in this God's forsaken earth has their own vision - if not fantasy - in this life. Everyone wants to be someone, wants to do something, wants to accomplish some goals, and most importantly - everyone wants to achieve a degree of satisfaction for their respective life - a so-called purpose of their lives.

And through these dreams and vision, eventually many people strive to achieve it in many different fields and levels. People eventually try to find their true potential and harnessed it for the betterment of the society, or in more proper term to fill in the job spaces that adequate with their talent and skills.

Sadly, even though these so-called "striving for success" theory are so basic that you'll even find them like... everywhere! - even in the Playboy Mags where words are less likely to be given attention - yet in the end, it seems that success only touches just a handful of those dreamers.

So where would it be wrong? Does this so-called dream of ours are just a merely fiction, or it's just a "societal opium" that had drugged and make people hallucinating of things that can never be true? Or its just a matter or dealing and placating with our own deficiency? Or they're just merely meant for those who's have the power wealth and influences in order to achieve it?

I'd asked myself all these questions, yet the answer is just a simple NO. After all, all the blaming is not for others except for mine alone.

I was the one who kept doing nothing.
I was the one who kept holding things that I want to do.
I was the one who kept placating myself for believing that there's always more time to finish everything, so just do nothing instead.
I was the one who choose to be a dormant instead of striving to achieve my goals in life.
I was the one who abandoned God's teachings and commandments, yet still imploring for His providence.

So in the end, all of these are just an indication on our levels might be - a justification on what we had done for the past previous years since we have achieved puberty and what result that we had achieved from our memories in contacting with all the things around us. Simply say, what we feel and be right now is the end-product of our own experiences.

So are you a resilient good product, or just a by-product of others that gave no impact to others than your own self? Never stop asking yourself of who you are in this life, and eventually you'll be striving for the best answer that you could imagined. 

But still, what kind of product you are determine your significance in this world - in which eventually results in your level of satisfaction for your life.

Wah! suddenly I'm sounding more of a motivator, like I'm a great product of my own - with the ironical fact that my life is quite in a mess right now - if not totally malfunctioned - and no satisfaction guarantee - with so many delayed assignments etc - with dreams yet to come --