Friday, 7 October 2011

What you do is what you get.

Hello again to this peaceful (a.k.a lonely!) world of me. Well, I liked it that way since I hate trafficking as well as people questioned the obsoleteness of my blog, as in my Kaperskye and maybe, my brain as well.

Okay, for the antivirus, I really cant say much since the Kaperskye that I've used had been busted for having an illegal serial number code (since I'm using the hacking version of serial no.), which blocking my access to update my virus definition on Kaperskye's website. BUT, for everything else that happens around me, well that is already under update-in-progress, as in my mind and for this blog as well.

So what's new to chew?

Well, for starters, I've already continuing my second semester for this year! Wasn't this sounds exciting..? XD

Okay, moving to the important part.

So what's this title of mine is all about? Am I going to give a "lecture" about Karma today? Not at all. Karma, as all of you might already known, is something that is created not to be learnt, but to be experienced by all people around us. Well, hardly ever peoples just sit silently in one corner and do nothing, right?

So whatever that you might do to yourself or more importantly to people around you eventually determines what your fate later on.

And the example is so resilient, that I myself cannot help to fathom it with a feeling of ironic, and maybe some glimpse of sympathy too to the person whom actually came across it. This happens to a person who's known for her extrovert and maybe a some degree of eclectic. Hehe. Suddenly by using the words makes the story sound funny. But nevertheless, it never started like one.

Well, to put things simple, it started when I've realized that suddenly I was being removed from her FB. Just wondering in which way I could have any wrongdoings towards her is a big mystery, but then I've just realized that I'm not the only one whom are on her expulsion list. Nevertheless, I'm really not quite bothered by it though, but now it seems that karma has its own way of getting squared with peoples.

And in the end, the person whom are being removed subtly or rather virtually from everybody's BFF list is no other than her. Ouch! That must be throbbing, at least deep inside. And now I'm realizing that when people says that "nowadays God punish whom He disfavors in CASH" is actually comes from a true story!

So by the believe of that, I want to open the second story that was more sadistic than the previous one but sadly its still on karma's pending list of retribution: OUR FRIEND'S A SNATCHER!

Yes, you heard it right. There's a thug inside the house, and he's still lurking freely! Creepy.

Initially, the unlucky events started when one of our friend, L is coming here together with his new Sony VAIO laptop. But it wasn't long until suddenly the laptop is disappeared is just one day! Well, to assume that the house had been broken into is quite unacceptable since my laptop that was put at the hall with others are untouched while his laptop are much more secured inside our room. So most likely to happen is the perpetrator is the one that lives inside this house a.k.a our housemates a.k.a our diploma friends.

And to think that we're already knowing each other inside and out, shares bitter sweet moments together... well now we're know that's 3++ years of friendship still just not good enough, doesn't it?

Regardless of all our efforts to detect whose actually behind all of these, which includes getting the help of 4 ustazs to oversee for any sign that shows the actual person plus using our own self-made Yasin water to give to each of the housemate after they all takes a Quranic oath of denial, the perpetrator is still live well, somewhere. Well that's just something isn't it?

Now everything sounded like the drama Pretty Little Liars that I watched every Monday nite, and it really effects the lives of all the member of this house, and me as well until I was greatly moved to write this poem as a tribute to him - the liar who's still free inside the house.

I Wonder
by Tsukasa

I wonder why a person can be mean,
He tells fairytales, but the truth is unseen.

Why he says God is all-knowing and supreme,
Yet he incurred His wrath, unexpectedly on a whim?

Okay maybe this poem is actually written for my literature class. Hehe. But what's wrong to kill two birds with one stone?

So now as a result, I think from the perspective of the perpetrator himself, he must be feeling good right now, as no one have any proof for his crime and he may as well also thinks that God is certainly on his side, if he ever believed in one. Well for me that is, he's just lucky because his retribution is just pending, but it most certainly absolute.

If my previous friend whom had done a simple thing that might hurts the feelings of some people around her gets to be paid "handsomely" in the end, then what to be expected from those who aren't just hurt his friends feelings, but rather making a hell towards his life and future as well??

“Don't get too comfortable. It's not over until I say it is.” - A

"So don't feel relieved yet, bitches! Coz the ultimate retribution is just one step away towards you." - S

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