Monday, 31 October 2011

My Enemy

It's very dark and gloomy outside the apartment, and the rain still showers over the glass panels outside the balcony, which gives me as chilly mood as well as the atmosphere. While I'm noya-ing while looking at the Chinese soap opera, I feel a sudden feel of calm deep inside, as I've heard the famous Fantaghiro's Mio Nemico that warmth my heart deep inside. So let me share it here.

Mio Nemico
(Sound Track from Fantaghiro Sequels by Amadeo Minghi)

Original Lyric Translation

 Chi amo ed ama me
 Mio nemico amaro gioia
 L'amor non ha piû pietâ
 É nemico mio
 Ma che amo puô ferirsi se
 Si aprirâ la ferita in noi

 Dal petto l'amina
 Puô fuggirgli ed io
 La colgo io la rapiró
 E sara mia e la mia la sua
 Mio nemico sa d'amare me                
 Tu lo sai che ferita ê

 Col respiro a me
 A te cutturerô
 Col primo e l'ultimo

 Mio nemico sei
 Tutto il bene mio
 Col cuore e l'amina

 Anche tu lo sei
 Che ferita é
 Tu (lo) sai

 Io t'amo e tu ami me
 Mio nemico e bene mio
 L'amor non ha piû pietâ
 Ê ferita in noi

 The one whom I love, loves me
 My earnest enemy pleasure
 Love hasn't got compassion anymore    
 He is my enemy
 But what I love can hurt itself when
 The sore gets open in us

 From the breast,the soul
 Can flee from him and I
 Take it (the soul), I carry it off
 And it will be mine and from me his
 My enemy knows to love me
 You know which sore it is

 With the respiration to me
 You and I will capture
 With the first and the last

 You are my enemy
 All my purity
 With the heart and the soul

 Also you are it
 Which sore it is
 You know

 I love you and you love me
 My enemy is my purity
 Love hasn't got compassion anymore
 It is the sore in us

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