Tuesday, 5 July 2011


Assalamualaikum and a very good Tuesday morning to all. Well, its sad today that I'm not in a very good mood. God's know between the disappointment that I've waking up early today (5.30am) yet missed to perform Subuh in jama' (because I continue to sleep again, just to wake up at 6.45am!) and the thought of going back to work today (God do I really hate this job or what!); I've encountered something really shocking, yet it came out perfectly good timing for me to publish this post.

When FBking, do you've ever encountered an experience of getting KICKED OUT of someone's friend list? Well I do, and it happen in this very morning. I've already realized the she (yeah, this is not about you Syed.) already kicked me out in her friend list like weeks ago. Thanks to FB which sometimes publishes the comments of our friend on his/her other friends that's unrelated to me, and to me surprise suddenly I'm like unrelated to her. WTF!! (and I'm not using the word Fish btw)

Well, eventually my conscience tried to justify her actions by giving me a list of possibility that might occurred and induce her to act in that kind of way. At first, I just think that maybe her FB is being hacked in some way, or maybe his BF just doing that to make her pissed off. But that's just seems illogical, since the target is only me and him and also her. Or maybe one day she'd having a bad hair day like me right now, and instead of writing a post to "nail" someone unilaterally, she's preferring to randomly removes her friend from FB, and I'm just the unlucky one who's on her cursor.

Well, either way, or maybe there's some other logical explanation that I'm really looking forward to - it doesn't really affected and changed much of how I'm feeling right now - SENTAP and disgust!!

Okay, let me tell you, 1st and the foremost all - I hate being rejected in any way possible. Yeah, I'm quite a pusher when it is about myself, but mostly I'm rather quite lenient in handling matters that I feel very important around me - such as friends, family, etc. Therefore I would like to keep myself open to all possibilities and consequences that might occurs around me, as I don't want to be disappointed if things doesn't go in my way.

Therefore it can be said that frankly I'm not that mad at her, as these things might just happen in our lives whether we like it or not. But I can't help to wonder on why does she removed me from her FB, and she even removed me from her fan page that she created. How can't I become snapped by that! She's my friend for God's sake, and I would definitely like... seeing her in the next 4 years! So of course I feel outrageous by the occurrence!

Yeah I know that now MAYBE she's already on the top of her career, as she has a flourishing business and was well known so therefore MAYBE she's just thinking that some of her friends had annoyed her or just impotent and therefore she can removed them anytime she likes. Well, who can blame her? She's a DIVA. But I just want to remind her, that "pride comes before fall". One day you maybe on the top, but next day who knows what his you. Ironically, I took that from one of her favorite quotations.

If you're in my shoes, how do you feel...??

Such a big headed gurl you are, more that now you've becoming the Queen.

But in the end you're dethroned. How ironic.
Btw, I'm not praying for her downfall or such, its just that like I said before, I've just encountered this when I'm not in the mood for it and therefore my emotion as well as my hormones is well over my conscience. So no heart-feelings okay, just heart broken right now. But it'll be okay sooner than you've expected. Like Nabil once said, sometimes happiness, sometimes sadness - that's what life is all about.

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