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Haunted Houses of Shah Alam: Part I

 Assalamualaikum w.b.t 

Today I  would like to share with you out there about some horror stories that I've learnt here during my stay here at Shah Alam. Shah Alam is really well known for its ghost stories - some are more popular than the other. So what I'm going to do is, I want to share with you the details, as well as infamous encounter that associated with it, and the rest is up to you to decide. Okeyyh..??!

Okay, now let us imagine ourselves as a ghost hunter team and let us explore the realm of the unknown... *hearts pounding*

First Stop: The "RM50" House, Seksyen 2.

Well, this is one of the most popular stories regarding of haunted houses in Shah Alam. And maybe some of you might wondered why its been named so? Just read the following story below, which is translated from its original story in Malay. BASED ON THE TRUE TESTIMONIAL (at least I think so).

The actual "RM50" house that was claimed to be haunted. Until now no one ever dares to rent it. But recently when I passed in front of the house, the owner had already cleaned it up, repaint the outer wall and cut off some of the branches of the tree. Could it be that this house is being open back for renting again...?
9 years ago I’ve got an offer to continue my study at UiTM Shah Alam. So, as usual the first thing that’s on our mind back then is where to live in since we does not being offered a hostel. So after a while searching and scanning around Shah Alam with my friends, we’ve finally got a rented house around Seksyen 2. It’s not far from the Wet World (which is familiar to most Shah Alamians).
The house is a typical two-storey bungalow with 4 rooms – 3 rooms upstairs and 1 room downstairs. To cut the story short, we moved into the house with mixed feelings: happy, weird, stifling, all into one. Why do you ask? 
  • First of all, the owner only asks us for RM50 only for the deposit and the first payment of the rent will be collected starting at the second month of our settlement there. That means the first month would be FOC. (Sounds incredibly odd, since that house is really big!)
  • Secondly, the owner does not allowed us to bring too many personal items or furniture into the house, afraid that it would be difficult to bring it out from the house, in case anything happen…(anything like...???)
  • Thirdly, there’s one big Ara tree beside the house, which is so big that the branches itself is creeping into the upper room’s window (scary!).
During the first night we spent there, we barely sleep because we are so busy loading our personal items inside the house as well as watching Korean DVD. The horror starts at day 2, and it doesn’t wait until nightfall for it to happen. Our friend, whom we called Azmi dagu is the first victim.
During that time, which is estimated to be around 10.30am, Azmi suddenly wake up and rush to the toilet due to stomachache. But when he reaches the downstairs toilet (the upstairs one is broken but the owner had promised to fix it later), the toilet is locked from inside. He waited for quite a time but the person inside the toilet does not going out. So in the end he’d run out of patience and starting to yell in front of the toilet door, asking the person inside to finish up quick. His yelling caught everybody’s attention so everyone is waking up and went to see what the commotion is all about.

Guess what? All eight of us are there outside! So who’s using the toilet?? Strangely, we can also hear “somebody” inside the toilet flushing, as like “it” already finish up. Lan, the bravest of us all (maybe due to the fact that he’s a bugis descendant), pull the toilet door violently until it is forcibly opened. Surprisingly, from the mark left on the door’s lock, it indicates that the door was really locked from inside. In the end, because of scared, Azmi cancelled his “plan” that morning.
And that night is the worst night ever.
That night, when I was sleeping soundly at my bed, suddenly "someone" pull both of my feet until I fell onto the floor, and my head hit first! At first I really pissed off because I thought that this is one of the pranks done by my housemates, but strangely when I got up, no one was there but Lan, whom are sleeping soundly on the upper bed. At that time I don’t think he’s the one who done it since he’s still sleeping without realizing what happened.
When I got out from my room, I heard my friends were laughing downstairs. Then I saw them, watching DVD movies at the living room. Puzzled, I went back into my room when I suddenly realized that Lan was also with them!
Then who’s is sleeping soundly above me??

With eerie thoughts starting to pour down into my mind, I gather all of my courage to see what is the “bumps” under that blanket that I’ve been mistaken before as Lan. I pull down the blanket and guess what?? What is lying under the blanket is an old and cracked tombstone and suddenly my room was covered with an awful and disgusting smell, like a smell of a corpse!
Then you can guess what happen next. I dashed away so fast that I couldn’t even feel my feet touching the floor. I ran away from the room towards my friend at the living room to tell them about what I've been encountered just now, but to my surprise no one is there!
Just guess where they are? They’re already outside the house! Obviously it’s not just only me who am being disturbed that night, and they don’t even bother to call me when I'm still sleeping upstairs! Damn!
After they consolidated me, who are still in shock of what happened, we’re deciding on what to do next, since right now it’s already 3am. One of us proposed that we ask for the Imam there to help us, with one problem – we don’t know where exactly his house is. We also considered to ask the help from our neighbors, but sadly either side of the house is occupied by Chinese residents.
In the end, Salleh proposed that we stayed up until morning at a restaurant called Hakim's. Sounds a good idea but the problem is neither of us are in full apparel, so reluctantly we went back into our house to get some clothes, wallets and motorcycle keys.
Because only Bob’s and Naim’s room are located at the lower floor, so we’ve decided to just borrowing their clothes for the night, as no one have the guts to go to their rooms upstairs. I also left out my wallet upstairs, and we’re all agreed to use Naim’s money first. Thankfully, our motorcycle keys are hung at the wall near the main entrance.

But as we went out from the house, our friend Wak suddenly noticed that there’s a pale little girl standing from the kitchen, smiling and waving her hand on us. As I’ve seen the reaction on Wak’s face – pale and stiff– I also saw her. I almost feels like shitting off when seeing her grimly smile from afar. My knees trembling with fear, even when we'd already arrived at the restaurant!!!
When we arrived at the restaurant, all of us started to pour down each version of our own stories, including me. Started with Wak, he told us that at about past 12 midnight, as he’s busy downloading songs during that time, suddenly someone cast a stone to his room’s window from outside. When he peek out from the window to see what’s going on, he saw a girl sitting on one of the Ara tree branches just next to the house – in white-yellowish and ragged clothes – with long hair! The scariest part is that the girl is watching directly to him, smiling!
Shocked, Wak quickly closed the windows and rush out to my room. But to his surprise, there’s another ghost – with apparition of a small boy – standing in front of the room’s door. So as he’s desperately searching for an escape, he jumped out from his window straight to the ground.
Thankfully he just had minor splint on his foot.
Then it was Azmi dagu's turn to share his story, in which he started with telling others about the “girl” that he saw at the kitchen, in which most of us had too. But for me, I know that girl is merely a human because I swear to God that I didn’t see her feet! My other friend, Sam told us about his encounterment with a ghost at the ceiling of his room, as when he opened his eyes, the ghost really located eye-to-eye on his face! So in the end, everybody experience something inside the house.

Then it was my turn to share my own experience, and I told them everything that I could remember – from the part where my feet is suddenly being pulled by someone from my bed until the part when I saw them all watching together DVD at the living room – before suddenly Azmi cut off my story and asked, “when on earth do we all watching together DVD downstairs tonight..??”.
It turns out that no one was watching DVD, or even hanging around together at the living room that night!!! So “who” is the person that I’ve seen that night..?? My feet trembles like hell after that.
As we’ve busy sharing experiences between one another, suddenly we smelt on something weird. It turns out that the smell is coming from Azmi, who have already so scared that he actually peed in his pants! Luckily there weren't so many customer at the restaurant that early morning. What an embarrassment! Then I noticed that Sam is wearing unmatching slippers.
Suddenly the freaky atmosphere that hunts us before turns out to be somewhat funny.
As we laughing on them, then we realized that two of our friend is missing: Salleh and Naim. Only six of us are here: me, Azmi dagu, Sam banjar, Wak, Bob and Lan. Of all the six, only Bob is carrying his cell phone, so we used his cell phone to call Naim but no one answered. Same goes when calling Salleh. After that Lan take the cell phone from Bob, whispering something on it (maybe reciting some verse of the Holy Quran), and finally asking Bob to call Naim again. Bob called and open loud speaker so that we all could hear.
And then the phone answered – not from Naim but what we could hear is a sound of a woman shrieking eerily from the other side of the line! The shrieking sound becomes louder and creepier that it gives me Goosebumps. All of us are just speechless.
In the end we decided that we want to wait until dawn here before we went to search for our two friends. After hearing the freaky shrieking on the phone, no one dares to speak up… until dawn!
We finally left the restaurant at 7.30am. I don’t know about the rest, but my heart is pounding rapidly at that moment. When we reach at the front gate, I see that our front door as well at the main gate is opened widely. If a thieve see this and have the guts to enter the house, I’d say he’ll definitely becomes rich as all the laptops, wallet as well as our cellphones are all being left out in the open. My goosebumps aren’t fading.
At first no one are brave enough to enter the house. Suddenly Bob’s cellphone rang. I’ve already feeling noxious, and hoping that it wasn’t the ghost's calling, asking us to enter the house. At last Lan answers the phone, as he is the bravest of us all. The call was actually came from a hospital, claiming that Naim is at the emergency room. He was involved in an accident. The hospital said that they founded missed calls from Bob’s number in Naim’s cellphone, and that’s why they called him. Now I understand. But remembering the creepy calling incident before, somehow I felt weird, and scared.
Suddenly everybody’s feelings become mixed up and awry - either goes and pays a visit to see Naim's condition at the Klang Hospital right now or search for Salleh first, which are still missing. At last we called the house owner and see how things go. As for me and Sam, we decided to go to the hospital while others search for Salleh. If Naim’s injury seems really bad, then we will ask the others to come as well. We all place our fate in God. On the way to the hospital, in which I can’t even estimate how fast Sam rides the motorcycle, I still have bad feeling that this was not the end of it, yet.
Arriving at the hospital, we look straightly for Naim. Suddenly we feel shocked and traumatized as we see the condition of Naim, whom is seriously injured and his feet is completely pulverized. The doctor said that he’s being mashed by a car or something – a case of hit and run. When seeing the bloodbath that almost covered his wounded body, my instinct tells me that he wouldn’t make it.
As for my friend Sam, he cried continuously and couldn’t bear to see the condition of our dying friend. Even the doctor said that he’s breathing towards his end, and there’s nothing could be done with it. I sat beside Naim, since he’s still can talk, barely. He says sorry to me because he said he had caused everybody in trouble. He repeatedly apologized but at that time, I still cannot understand what he actually meant by saying so.
At last, he died in vain. I gathered up my last courage to call and inform the others about Naim’s tragic death. I see Sam helplessly lied down at the balcony, with red swollen eyes due to too much crying. Not long after that, Naim’s parents came in. I couldn’t bear to stay there any longer so I asked Sam to go back to Shah Alam.
When we arrived at the house, I’ve seen that there’s so many people had already came in and help us finding Salleh, but to no avail. We had searched for him at every corner of the house. At last, there’s an Ustaz (Muslim scholar) that I couldn’t remember his name, which offers his help to us and finally after Asar (late evening) we found Salleh sitting on an anthill at the back of the house. The weirdest thing is that we had already searched at that place for about 5 or 6 times before, and I swear that no one was there! But we do not think much about it, as we really felt overjoyed and thankful to finally found Salleh back.
After that, we decided to move out from the house at that very instant. Lucky for us, there’s one vacant house-to-let available at Seksyen 7, near the back gate of the university. So we moved there, taking also with us Naim’s possessions. To be frank, I really pissed off with the owner of the house, whom hid from us the fact that his house is actually haunted. Now all the mysteries of why he offers us the house with an extraordinary unbelievable offer had been answered, and it cost us our dear friend in the process.
After that incident, I had a fever for 3 days.
And Naim’s body are safely buried at his hometown at Raub, Pahang.
After a week had passed, all things had turned to normal in our daily lives in the new house, except for Salleh who always complaining of having constant aches around his body. Finally, I've got the nerve to ask Salleh what exactly happen to him and Naim because before Naim died, he had told us to ask Salleh about a secret – a secret that might triggers the events that happened that night.
Then Salleh told us the truth.
It turns out that during the first day we moved into the house, Naim and Salleh had done something dreadful. Without our notice, Salleh had brought a hoe to the back of the house and hack the anthill* that resides there (the same anthill that we located him after he’s missing). And for Naim, he blatantly pawed the already damaged anthill with his feet. Maybe that’s why his feet are severely crushed during the accident, I thought.
Then Salleh continues, that during that horror night both he and Naim was also being disturbed, but when others are already leaving the house, the ghosts hunts and follows them until they reaches the main road. They’re so scared at that moment, and ran aimlessly towards the middle of the road. Suddenly, without notice one car suddenly emerges and hit both of them. He was knocked towards the roadside, but the unfortunate Naim was thrown to the middle of the road. Then another car came in and squashed Naim’s feet.

Then he said that he was unconscious until the very moment that we’ve found him that evening. The weird thing is, how come does he ended up sitting on the anthill inside the house, since he’s already claiming that both he and Naim had already ran as far as reaching the main road?? (Nearest main road from the house is either at Persiaran Dato’ Menteri or at Persiaran Masjid, which both are quite far) And then why only Naim suffers the worst of them both??
At last, my questions are answered. Not long after that startling revelation, Salleh suddenly had fallen ill. I don’t really sure what disease does he suffer from but after 3 months enduring pain, he follows Naim's footsteps. Even Salleh's family as well as the doctors that treated him had no idea of his illness. But I pretty sure that it had some connection with the anthill that he had dug before.
For the others, we all managed to pay our last respect to Salleh during his funeral. The most sentimental among us is Bob, since he’s the roommate of the late Naim before. I can really feel how devastated he is during that moment, deep inside. We all cried as we lifting together Salleh’s body during his funeral. It was such a heartbreaking moment.
In the end, me, as well as Azmi dagu, Sam banjar, Wak, Bob and Lan are all managed to finish our study and graduated successfully from the UiTM. And for Naim and Salleh, memories with you will lasts forever within us, as well as that ferocious night that can never be forgotten.

* In Malay cultures, as well as Southeast Asian Cultures, things like anthill as well as big trees are associated with spiritual beliefs, as those places are believed to be the residential areas of the spirits, or Jinns. That's why most Malaysians think that these places must not be disturbed and best avoided as possible, or it would bring disaster to the one who intrudes them (the spirits).

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