Monday, 18 July 2011

Clean up your own mess, pleasee...!

It's not cute to be in a mess, Garfield! *LOL*
Today when I'm waking up from my slumber beauty (which is at 11:01am exactly), I couldn't help but to notice how mess it is the things that's around me. It's already giving me an annoying surge of mood to start my day that I would think that it's better for me to just continue closing my eyes for a few more hours, intentionally to buy more time to avoid from facing what's already in front of me.

But after so much of quarreling with myself, in the end we (me and my slothness) reaches an agreement: to get up and hang the laundry that had already finish in the washing machine.

So lazily, I went to the washing machine, get my laundry and brought it to the balcony where it would be hanged - just to realize that the balcony is like a shipwreck! With newspapers all over the floor, cigarette butts, tissue papers and others that I could think of!

Suddenly this annoying-and-gloomy mood that I've already feel when waking up just now turns to a new level, raging-and-wanna-kill-someone.


If words are really mightier than the sword as some people claimed to be, I may have already killed someone this morning.

But truly my conscience still holds the upper hands. As it hits me, I've just realize that how I act upon seeing this bunch of littered items in front of me is just reflecting on how I act when facing with the obstacles or the so-called mess of my own life. I've realized that all these while, I've always closed my own eyes whenever I'm facing problems, and hope that one day it would found itself a solution.

But reality doesn't works in that way.

It also incurred in my mind that when we face something unpleasant, we tend to find someone to be blamed with instead of seeking a solution to overcome it. We tend to find an excuse to evade them, or just simply to makes us feel good. That's what we always do - finding others to take the faults for us and just runaway or playing ignorant from the problem we faced in any way possible.

Okay, maybe this sounds like an overstatement, but if we always tend to seek and to put the blame on others for all the mess that we've incurred in our lives, it's might as well as be better if we just put the blame on God Himself, no?

What gain comes from pointing finger towards others?
You'll get four other fingers pointing back at you!
So what should we do? Everybody has their own mess to face with - that's what we've already known. Some people chooses to sweep off their mess under the carpet, covered it up in any way possible and act like nothing had ever happened. But what we don't see (or choose not to see) is there's no good things would come from a single mess. They doesn't realize that this one little mess would eventually turns to be a molehill - one cover-ups would eventually leads to bigger cover-ups - until in the end the burdens becoming unbearable for him to endure.

Then who's gonna clean up the mess?

Eventually, you'll realized that no benefit comes from finding excuses. In the end, instead of blaming and scolding others, which eventually leads to "blaming-each-other war" and cold war afterward; it is far more easier is you - yourself - push your own butt and use your own might to clean the job yourself. The results would be far more satisfactory, as the results is according to what you've expected. Sounds simpler and easier, right?

And for those who are responsible for the mess but had already being spared from the worst (being "killed" that is), don't ever EVER think that you doesn't done anything wrong as no one blames you or criticizes you for the mess you've caused. Instead, be sensitive to your surroundings.

If people cleaned up your mess willingly without any complaint, it doesn't means that they enjoyed doing so and therefore you've unofficially got a new maid. Thinks that your friend is just simply giving you the message that, "I hope that you would learn from this and be alert next time, or there would be no next time for you after this."

Nevertheless, people's patience has its edges, and it won't be far from reaching that point if you keep doing the same mistakes over and over again without any efforts of correcting it.

So before other people started to "remind" you of the mess that you've caused, PLEASE start reminding yourself first. No one likes to scold and to keep reminding others of their mistakes, especially me. And PLEASE start giving more attention to your surroundings next time, will you?

Just a friendly reminder from me, for all of you whom reading this and most importantly - for myself. Peace!

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