Monday, 27 June 2011

Time to move on... Is it time already??

The moment had come for me to move on into a new chapitre in my life. At least this is what I think right now. These last few weeks had been an exciting and full of sweet and sour memories, and to be frank I already felt good at my current job and started to feel my working environment is like my third home (since my rented house is the second *chuckles*).

Working at DD really let me learn a lot about the working environment that dwells upon me, as well as giving me the opportunity to experience from the glimpse of lives of the people around me. For instant I thought that my working days there would be a hell full of hecticism and I wondered everyday how it would turns out as times moves on. Nevertheless, I tried my best to adapt with the new working environment, learning about new stuffs, learning about commitment as well as daily routines that I need to memorized and comprehend with - all of which are painstakingly harsh, but its only in the beginning.

But as time follows, plus the motivation and training from my employer, I've manage to cope with my working expectation and at the same time improve myself. In the end, fortunately I survived, and by accomplishing that I've changing my working environment into something positive, and something that I can cherish for. To my surprise the so-called working nightmare I've experienced turns to be something memorable.

But the cruel fact is that all good things would come to an end eventually. Like all good journeys, my life now had come to a crossroads - either continuing my present work which is good in term of working time and environment but kinda sucks in payment or starting for a new work which has good salary.

Which one??
So now I realized that I have to make an important decision. A decision for me to move on either in the same way or in a completely new path. And today I must really think a lot and very carefully about it - very2 carefully.

Yet I can't help to wonder, if maybe there's a third route waiting to be discovered somewhere out there. Who knows right?

If there's one, I hope I do found it today. InshaAllah and please pray for the best to me.

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