Thursday, 2 June 2011

Part Timers.

I've always dream myself like this when working at DD. *LOL*
In this fascinating but truly more hectic world, everybody's life is revolving around money. Money implications in one's life is so significant that one even need money to go to the toilets, whereas the charge could be as low as 20cents to as much as RM2 (I wonder maybe they use silk as toilet paper there). Therefore, living in a new life away from family means that one's need a large sum of cash to do everything choirs and getting stuffs around. And that's just what I am doing here right now - surviving.

To survive in a big city, unless you have a very wealthy background that ensures a steady flow of money into your account even though you are unemployed, ones need a continuous financial source and that could only be achieved in term of salary. Frankly speaking, ones getting a job to get a money.

Therefore, getting a job is one issue, but maintaining the job that we have is another. One should realize that even though job-hunting is not as easy as one thinks, but sadly it was just an easy part in this quest. What is more complicated is how you perform the job, depending on what type of job you're doing as well as the atmosphere that covers it.

One must realize that unless you have a father that owns the company that you're working in, your working life and prospect can never be what you've dreaming for. It is because that there's so much challenge when dealing with working life, as well as to cope with the new environment, get to know all the things related to your work etc etc - it is a neverending list of choirs.

He looks as if Dunkin' Donuts were some kind of drugs. Obviously he's cracked!
Like me, working in DD for example proves to be a greater challenge for me, in which I need to remember a hell of variety of donuts, how to make different types of sandwiches and drinks as well as decorating the munchkins and others. For me whom are quite a slacker, sometimes it can be a hell of a job. But as this is just my first week of all, meaning that this is a week where all the things that we've are still considered "forgivable" at all levels, I must say that I can never survive without the help of my seniors, which always be on my side when I'm dealing something disastrous, just as I covered them as they commit one themselves.

But in the end, I've just surviving, and I've realized that I've many things to learn in my life. And therefore I keep myself tough when dealing obstacles in life, and try to be a better man from I've known to be.

Most importantly, I pray to God that today would be better than yesterday, and so on.

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