Saturday, 11 June 2011

Jogging and Life.

Going for a jogging for newbie is quite tough. I mean the idea itself - going for a run for quite a time in some scenic places or just around your home is so exhausting and not the preferable activities enjoyed by most Malaysian. I've already got the idea when seeing most Malaysians whom spent their time at recreational spots only concentrating in "recreate" their mouth on eating, gossiping etc and ignoring the true notion of recreational itself.

But spare me the health lectures. Jogging itself for me is a way of which we realize that every step we've taken in life are much more connected with the act of jog itself. We didn't realize that every harsh steps that we take in the such trivialities actually means something in our life. How it reflects with our own life.

I've realized that like life itself, people jog under their own paces, in which some people whom are more determinant than others tend to move faster so that they've finished their track quickly as they're strive their best to reach their goals or destination; while others preferring fast-walking or just plain walk - slow but constant, in which as time goes by they eventually achieve their own self-goals.

Every steps matters.
But in the end, it's not the destination that quite matters - but rather its how you get there. The journey itself measures your fitness level, or in term of life perspective - your experience level. By moving towards your destination points, you learn quite a lot about yourself, your competency and your own strength. And this are the true knowledge that one should have in order to harness their true potentials for them to move forward and making their own path - self-realization.

Therefore, it doesn't matters whether you run, jog or just walking around, but the most important thing that one's should bear in mind is that they're actually in the process of moving forward. Yes its tiring, and it can never be easy but in the end you'll realized that its worth it. Have faith in yourself and continue to do so with your own pace until you've achieved your own goal - your own destination in life.

The bonus for keeping fit. Who doesn't want them? I sure do. *chuckles*

P.S.: Going for a jog at the lake tomorrow, anyone?


  1. auu nyah tak tahan mak tengok gambo tu!!!;)

  2. hahaha carutt. tp aku tau ni sape. hehe