Tuesday, 28 June 2011

I am a firework!!!

Hearing at this lively video from Katy Perry really brighten up my day. Don't you just love how vibrant she looks? Just like my blog (perasan!) haha. Either way, I really inspired by the positive message that this songs brought upon me - I do believe that I, as well as everybody else too - have their own fireworks inside them. This is our true purpose in life.

Despite many hardships that I've endured through all these years, I still holds under the positivity that my life would change. Well, who doesn't have problem rite?? If I faced some unexpected challenges or misfortunes in life, I would think that there's others who are more unfortunate than me. The concept is quite simple - God has plans for all of us. Therefore why we want to live in someone else shoes when God had already gave us the life of our own to work for?

Therefore for me, its pointless to feel envious when someone has the lives that we've dream for. Every successful people faced hardships before they triumph - look at Ugly Betty for God's sake! Look at every episode where she is continuously being subjected to emotional torture, entangled with unexpected problems and such, but what impresses me is that how she handle her problems and get the unexpected, yet rewarding results when solving them in the end.

This is what she's used to be, initially.
(Who knows, maybe I'll get myself a pair of braces one day. *LOL*)
It's a long way for her from being a chaotic (and ugly) Betty that everybody makes fun at (but I love her!) into becoming THE BETTY, a new chief editor at London. This is the life that I'm talking about!

Just imagine how a once so-called ugly duckling could transform into something like... THAT!
And it totally doesn't costs her a boob-job. *LOL*
Okay maybe she's not a good example since she's a fictional character, but you get the idea. What I really want to stress out is that Great people always face great problem in their lives, and from that they make great decisions. And for those who don't know who Betty is, she's my mentor! And I want to have a chaotic but exciting life like her one day. *chuckles*

You know, if you took a moment to sit down and take a deep breath, you'll realize that despite so much hardships and everyday problemas that gripping your life, you'll find that there's more than meets the eye. Like in my case, when I lost my wallet 2 week ago, I would be lying if I say that I don't feel my life is turning upside down by the calamity. But after having a moment of peace, I've just realized that I'm not the first whom experienced this, and not the one who lost the most, and definitely this would not be the last.

Well at that moment I just said theoretically just to placate myself, but to my surprise after that one of my friends told me how hers as well as her hubby's Samsung Galaxy SII are being stolen inside her hubby's car, along with her iPad. And what's more ironic is that they've just bought the phone together 5 days before. Ouch! Talk about total disaster!

My conscience ask me: Who are more unfortunate now, huh?? T.T
This kind of things would just happen unexpectedly, but naturally. So just suck it up and move on with your life. We can cry a lot and share our problems with others, but in the end we must realized that - this is totally not the end! We must move on at some point sooner or later - and that's just what I've been trying my best to do - learning more about my life.

Now to my realization, is had been a month since I've started to work here, but frankly this one month seems longer, more like a season. Because I felt like each day is like an episode in a soap opera, where every moment my life is full of unexpected twists - like an enigma. At one side it feels like I've had enough, but the truth is that I can't be less thankful for having such a life that I'm living through until this very point!

It isn't hard to become closer to God. And the best thing is its worth it.
In the end, life is all about learning about our true Creator through His creations. Thus, if having challenges in life makes me feel more thankful towards what I've already been bestowed in life, as well as making me continuously asking for forgiveness and seeking His blessings for everything that I've done, hence I think that my life has a point there.

What we choose in our own life is what we would be in the end. Be it in God's favor or vice versa, He's the All-Knowing and Most Just. Thus sometimes He gave whatever we wished for and sometimes He don't. Nevertheless, both can be either a blessing or a trial upon us, depending on how we implement it.

But still, just be positive with your life and your future, will ya?! Believe in yourself and with God's provision you'll be just fine.

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