Thursday, 30 June 2011

Cooking and Me.

Life as an unmarried man away from the comfort of home sure needs a lot of guts. And to use our guts well, we must know how to fill it first. Well, for that to be done there's an easy way and a hard way. The easy way is just lepaking and spending your every penny on food courts or fast food diners, which proves to be costly and not appropriate when you have a monthly financial burden (house rent, bills etc.)

So that leaves me with only the other option, cooking!

Cooking for me is anything but fun. I've never have the experience of cooking at home (as far as I can get is cooking instant noodles) as most of the cooking is done by either my mum or my brother. Yes I'm a lazy bummer, so what?

It's not like I never had the intention to cook, but sadly most of my cooking ends disasterously. I've remembered once during my primary school where I tried to cook for myself for the first time. During that time my parents are working, so my late grandma is looking after me. But she only knows how to cook traditional Malay delicacies such as chicken curry, masak lemak, and other gulai stuff, which is not really my type of meal. I prefer in more non-gulai type of food such anything + masak kicap, sambal, paprik, fried foods - not just fried chicken but also rice, noodles, vege (such as sambal jawa) and others that looks simple but tasty.

For those who have no idea what I'm talking about, let me gave you some glimpse on them, shall we?

 Stuffs that granny loves to cook: 

Gulai Ikan Keli Masak Lemak. (Gulai-style Catfish)
This is the nearest- most similar pic that I can get. But my grandma's sauce as I remembered looks more thicker and the oil does not mix up with the gulai (even my mum doesn't know how to do that), and her most favorite is Gulai Ketam and siput sedut. I like it when eating with jemput-jemput @ cekodok or just bread. Reminiscing on it right now just make my mouth waters. But having it almost everyday makes me feel noxious.

Kari Ayam (Chicken Curry).
Do I even have to introduce this? But what can I remembered from my grandma's cooking is that when she boils the curry and wait for the meat to tender, she usually put one ceramic soup spoon inside. She says that it could help the meat to tenderize better. I don't know about that. How about you give it a try?
Sambal Belacan (Condiment using belacan).
Had never seen these for quite a while. But I don't care cause I hate its smell. Yuckk~!!
So my grandma really loves to cook something that either curry-based or gulai-based, since all of my family members (except me) loves them! Yet stuffs that I like are mostly like those as follows:

 Stuff that I like to eat! 

Sambal Jawa (Javanese-style mixed fried vege).
This is totally one of my favorites. Veges such as yardlong beans, tempeh, chopped potatoes, fried tofu, tofu skin, and rice noodles are all being mixed and cooked together with soy sauce etc. Tastes so divinely irresistible!
Ayam Masak Kicap (Soy sauce fried with chicken).
Absolutely fantastic. The taste tells everything. *LOL*
Okay, back to the story, that day I feel like want to eat Telur Masak Kicap (just like above but instead of using chicken I want to use fried egg instead) but my grandma doesn't know how to make it. So confidently, after I fry some eggs, without adding sauteed onions, or even chili paste, I just poured the soy sauce as many as possible, until I imagined that it look like above pic.

So how do you think as the result? The so called Telur Masak Kicap is no more than an egg being soaked into soy sauce and then heated. The soy sauce, which is salty in nature, had made the egg becomes salty too. It taste just like hell. So I couldn't even bare to finish it, but afraid that granny might scold me if I doesn't finish it off. So I just wait until she eventually left the kitchen for a while before I take the fried soy-egg and toss it off at the back of the house.

This is what I had in mind while making it:

But instead, it turns out to be like this, with the egg becoming much more darker (almost black!):

On the ground, the egg is left untouched, even for the chicken too - maybe they know that it is one of their own - just to make myself feels good despite the fact is that they also feels the same way as I do: disgusting!

Yet, that is my first encounter with cooking, and after that I only go to the kitchen after my mum finished cooking. But now, as I have been afar from mum (and damn! how I miss a lot her cooking), the time is come to me to go to the kitchen once again (with some requests of course, even though my housemate knows my cooking sucks) to cook something that I do actually like: Bihun Goreng Singapura (Singapore's Fried Vermicelli).

And it turns out to be almost like this, minus the veges and other stuff (I just make it plain white):

For decoration purposes only, since I forgot to take the pic of the original one. *LOL*
And after quite a few practices with online revisions, I've finally managed to make a tasty Fried Vermicelli so far. Even my friend Khalid think so too. Ouuuu that's so sweet of him to think like that.

So, after getting a good review today, maybe I'll cook some more tomorrow. That's if I feel like doing it. *chuckles* So just wait, and let you gut be the judge!


  1. I know rite! haha. i really dont think that I really can cook before. so I think everybody can cook if they put some commitment on it. LOL