Saturday, 25 June 2011

Back and fabulous!

Coffee gossip everyone?
It's been a while since the last time I've wrote something in here. And that so-called "a while" to me is full of bitter-sweet memories - with a realization that I've already working at DD for quite almost a month. Yeayy!! that means next week we could have a anniversary celebration then. We could lepak2 at bistro (not mamak one because its disgusting) and of course, gossiping. FABULOUS!

So let me check the list. Who wants to join in?? I'm definitely out of the list, because I've already broke and doesn't get my paycheck yet at the moment. *LOL* But for those who already get their salary and felt that they are extremely generous to treat me, then you're most welcome to join.

So what did I get from these past few weeks? I think quite a lot. One of the most obvious thing that I've learn about this working life that I've just experienced during this holiday months is to learn how to be patient all the time.
  • Always think positive for all the obstacles and challenges that I might faced ahead. 
  • Always patience when dealing with hectic and complex working environment, not to mention some annoying figures wandering around in the stores and outside the stores that makes you feel like wanna to nail him on the ground or stab him on the back (or even from front i don't mind hehe) - any which that gives more pleasures in revenging him. Even to think about it is quite an indulgence, but in the end, perseverance is what matters.
Well, i think that's all for this post, just a minor workout before I'm starting to salaciousize new stories, gossips, peoples... you name it! So for now, adios senor y senora!

I'm still a daydreamer!


  1. Your blog layout is lively. I like the vibrant colors. :)
    what u wrote is always, based on your life activities. keep us updated of what you do everyday. nice. :)

  2. thanks syed. i'll try my best to keep it up also. btw u do have ur own blog rite, why don't u just continue writing it. ;)