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Does the title sound catchy? Well... it should be after you read the story that follows them. Based on a true story.

Girl's worst nightmare
FAR FAR AWAY, 24 APRIL - The most shocking experience comes from a troubled students that was almost being sexually abused by her lecturer, to knew the shocking fact that her extraordinary troubled life is just at the beginning. 
After her infamous sexual harassment case that brings her down into the gossip lime-light, the most shocking experience for this 19 years old byotch has yet to come. Her previous engagement with one of the lecturers in **** ****** turns out to be a hell breaking loose as she was almost being raped out on cold floor inside her lecturer's room. 
One of the prime witness says that the poor girl came to him seek comfort after almost being abused by her PA*. The victims claimed that she was initially came to visit him for discuss about her repeated subject for her study, since only PA* have the power to adjust the courses curricula for all the semester. 
She consult the lecturer, without the knowledge that the lecturer have another scheme for her as he asked her to lock the door first. Then after that, the lecturer is claimed to go at her back and starting to massaging her shoulder, before ask her if she's willingly to do something for him to return his favor - starting by removing her clothes. 
Traumatized by the request, the girl tried to run away from the lusty lecturer and struggle for the door. The lecturer tried to stop her, but he tripped himself and fell. The girl managed to dash away despite the lecturer's last desperate attempt to stop her by holding her feet, in which he get a kick on his face in return. The poor girl runaway and tried to knock on every lecturer's room in the vicinity - to find out that no one else is there - except one - whom are the prime witness himself. 
After so much consultation with the prime witness, they tried to filed a report at the Student Affairs Dept. (SAD) - but the SAD authorities questions their claim by so many excuse - they even asked the poor girl to reenact the scene that occurs to her as there's no other evidence available to convict the lecturer. Feeling deeply disappointed by the so-called "cover-up" schemes by the SAD, the victims with the support of other lecturers filed a report on the nearest police station, where eventually the antagonist are being locked up during the night, before being bailed after that. -TC 
* PA = Personal Assistant, a term that describes a program in which the lecturers in the university are given a couple of students under them to assist them in their problems regarding on the study plan issues and such.

The aftermath of the accident eventually leads to the viper undergoing social execution - its a "social-goodbye" for the lecturer even though his job is spared for the worst. While what happen to the poor girl whom her chastity is almost being taken from her? Traumatized? Trying to kill herself?


Well, she tried to kill herself all right, but not because she was deeply disturbed by the initial event, but because someone that she borrowed a large sum of money with post on a Facebook just to snap her - as the lender find out that she was having a jolly good time karaokeing with her friends at Kuantan despite her claim that she only have RM2 in her accounts. Well, who doesn't right?

But that event gave her more bash deeply than anything else, that she even ignored the offer from the bloody lecturer that ask her to rescind back all her reports towards him at the police station, and in return she could ask him to pay any sum of money that she wishes. Its like she's accidentally becoming a saint!

But in the end, instead of accepting the offer and say sayonara to her financial problem, she takes her problem into a new level - by trying to commit a suicide by swallowing two stacks of antibiotic pills!

She was half fainted when she was founded due to that, but when her friends wants to sent her to the Medical Facility in the campus, she refused claiming that she has a scandal there - whom are the MA in the facility that his name cannot be speak - and she doesn't want him to know that she tried to commit suicide. Thus she was being sent directly to the hospital instead.

And then what happen? She died? Not even close. After her friends sent her to the hospital and left her there for medical supervisions, she run away from the hospital by making excuse to go to the toilet; and of course her friend are shock to see her emerge back at their room that night - like a ghost from the grave.

And she's acting like nothing happens her, or even any feel of sorry at all of the troubles that she had brought upon to her friends. Well it wasn't long until at 3 am in that morning that she suddenly started vomiting green substance, or frankly said 'muntah hijau'!

It's disgusting, yet ironic.

And what's more ironic is that, the friend that helped sending her the hospital, feels really annoyed by her action of running away from the hospital before and just ignored her painful condition. But Thank God there's some other of her friend that felt sympathized and come forward for her aid. And she was being admitted to the same hospital for the second time.

But due to her record of disappearing from hospital before, this time she was admitted to a "special" facility - a convict-like cell so that she cannot escape again. And she slept there for the entire night - waking up in the morning to find herself being wired up and observed! Of course she was shocked, but this time she called the person that brings her all the way to her current situation - the moneylender himself.

And in the morning as the moneylender with his friends came into the cell, suddenly there was a "Nur Kasih + Ayat-ayat Cinta" scene all around them. The girl cried into tears and said that she was sorry that she was unable to pay what she owed him. Like she's already seeing The Light or something, this "Nur Amina" girl kept saying to the moneylender - weirdly to his friends as well - how they was her only friend in this world.

So what's the moneylender's reaction? Of course he also burst into tears as well! And that sparks the heart-warming drama of both saying sorry towards each other, as the moneylender was also afraid that her "almost-death" reactions was due to his earlier action by posting such statements on Facebook. Even the lecturer came to the hospital to console them.

And then as tomorrow came, a good news is heard - that the girl's condition have been stable and she can be taken to home. And as this moneylender felt that it was somehow he's also responsible for her ruination, he tried his best to convince back her annoyed friend and told them about how helpless her condition was and ask them to be more empathic to help and fetch her back from the hospital. And in the end all of her friends agreed to help her.

So that's how the poor girls' life changed and they live happily ever after.

SERIOUSLY...? Hahaha just kidding. The girl herself is too cunning to end her story like that. Because without her friends and the moneylender's knowledge, the girl had called one of his boyfriend, in which came with the KOOP van to came to fetch her - while on the other team they've already ask one of their friends who own a car to take the girl home.

At last both came at the hospital, at the same time. And guess which one that the so-called hapless girl choose for ride to home? His boyfriend of course! Without any feel of sympathy or even gratitude towards her friends that had helped her before, she left them with a big expression of thank you: "LANTAK KORANG LAH~!!" before speeding way with his lover inside the van.

Well what do you think if you are in her friend's shoes? Or worst in the moneylender's shoes whom she's previously said how he is her so-called only friend - with so much tears and drama...? Feels like a big sword had just piercing through the heart of each of her friends at that moment. God knows how they've reacted at that moment - as for me, whom are just hearing the story from afar - are just speechless!

Sounds unbelievable, right? Me too find it hard to believe it. But who doesn't want to publish a tasty-salacious scoop?

Turns out that the sequel is far more exciting than the first story that gave out to this current situation. And some of you might think that this story is no more than a made-up - well I can't deny that there might be some exaggerating that occurs as I heard them from the second-person eyewitnesses. But one thing that I can be assured for - that 90% the events had occurs at a location that best I'm not mention here since it involves a girl, a lecturer, an eyewitness, a moneylender and a group of part 5 girls that some of you might knew.

What a drama queen indeed! How about we nominated her for the best new coming actresses for the upcoming Anugerah Skrin this year? She would easily beat Sharifah Amani *snap!* just like that!

Malaysia's Next Top Drama-Queen

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