Friday, 4 February 2011

Unforgettable moments

Some people say that the rain is like God's love falling from the heavens.
I think so too. : )

It was a very hectic week for me here during my so-called holiday at my beloved hometown, Tangkak. First there's this "winter" season or rather Musim Tengkujuh that occurs on almost all states around Malaysia. My homecoming is welcomed by torrential rain day and night that occur since the day I entered the bus at Shah Alam (kinda ominous, don't you think?). But that's just the beginning of something we've never expected.

The non-stop rain eventually came at its peak on the midnight of January 31st, 12.00am when suddenly I've heard a door-knocking on my house. At first I was kinda shock and skeptical, 'who could came during midnight when there's rain outside?' and then it came to my mind that this scene is kinda like the movie I Know What You Did Last Raya Summer. *LOL* So instead I wake up my mother first before opening the window to see whom might come at this hour.

But as my astonishment, it wasn't a figure in raincoat with hooked hands that waiting outside as I expected but it was my cousins whom just live not that far from us. "Rumah dah tenggelam!" as I remembered my cousin's first word when seeing my shock face. I quickly opened the door and ask them in. They're almost soaked wet.

They said that house had already entered the house, so quickly that what they could save is just some clothes and laptop. One of my cousins, whom are very fond of cats say that her cats is being left on a table under a tent outside her house. They can't save them during that moment since water rushing very quickly until almost reached their thighs.

So after that, one of their neighbors came to the house and said that he also saw the cats outside the house and offers his help to save them. I and my brother also follow and my cousin watch from her car. The water had risen so high that the road towards her neighborhood is completely submerged and we have to walk across the flood from the main road all the way into her house.

I remember the water at the road when I first step is on knee level, and we have to walk closer with each other slowly because the road is quite narrow and there's a trench at both side of the road. I thought to myself, 'one mistake and I'll definitely end up on the front page of local newspapers - breathless'.

I would be lying if I say that I'm not feeling the adrenaline at that moment - the clock struck 1 in the morning, its dark since electricity had been cut off, its raining and God knows what might be lurking under the murky flood, and this is my first experience.

Suddenly something funny (but not at all during that moment) happens. After a while walking underwater, suddenly my slipper's cord suddenly snapped! I was thinking about turning back but I think as I have already walk this far then so why don't I just finished all the way until the end - barefoot. It was an unforgettable moment. I continuously prayed to God to protect us and I said to myself, if anything happens, then I'll accept it as God's fate.

Then after about ten minutes of walking through the current, we finally arrived in front of my cousin's house main gate. Suddenly as we step towards it, suddenly we become submerged further as the water level reaches my thigh. So the ground level around the house is quite lower than the road.

After that my cousin neighbor quickly opened the half-submerged gate to let us in, and we went towards the tent, where a cage enclosed by some cloth or plastic on top of it I'm not really sure.

As me and my brother grab the cage, suddenly we realized that there's another stray cat soaking wet while holding its trembling feet between the rails of the main door of the house that have been partially submerged - and the water still on the rise.

My brother quickly grab the cat. At first it stuck between the rail's steel bar but eventually with the help of my cousin's neighbor the cat is safely put inside the cage with my cousin's. Then I hold the cage firmly before we endure another currents under the rain with firm ground under my feet.

God really protect us. At last we finally succeeded to the main road, unharmed. And for two days my uncle's family stayed at our house until the flood ends. After the flood is receding, they came back to clean their house which are covered by mud and we also came to help them.

My uncle house after the flood already receding.
(31/01/11 | 5.00pm)

The Malacca - Johore Road that was flooded is resurfaced from the flood but still inaccessible.
(31/01/11 | 5.00pm)

But the ground under the road in the flooded area had been eroded by flood and collapse so the road is closed until night for reconstruction.
(31/01/11 | 5.00pm)

I feel sorry for them, really do as seeing so many losses in term of furniture and possessions after the flood. But in the end this incident brings us together more closely than before.

I remembered this one quote from my favorite Hindi movie Devdas, "If sorrow be Joy's harbinger, every loss signals what gain shall be?" Or in this case, every loss have its blessing in disguise. It's how God's do His thing.

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