Monday, 10 January 2011

The so-called "sacred" journey

Sunday, January 9 - Last night maybe one of my first journey in exploring this new city that I've just settled in - Shah Alam.

It's just started with an idea of cravenness towards a food that I called "fried sushi", a big sushi-like rolls that stuffed with fishcake, crabs, seaweed etc. I've been introduced to this yummy delicacy during my times at Jengka, and I've never stopped enjoying every bite of it.

But after I left Jengka, I haven't taste them and they're quite forgotten for quite a while, not until recently when I'm accidentally visiting a nightmarket on Section 24. Unfortunately during that moment I can only watch with awe their tenderness and just imagined how nice it is the seafood fillings inside. (I've don't bring my wallet at that time because I've just returned from a mosque)

So after quite a while daydreaming, last night I've finally decided to go for a FSS (fried-sushi searching) around Shah Alam. Maybe I looks like a sacred journey of Jalan-jalan Cari Makan but the truth is it was just a mere excuse to go around the city and see what this so-called "orchid city" is all about.

First Stop: Uptown Seksyen 24
This was the first place that I have in mind when planning on searching for the food. This place reminds me of Wakaf Che Yeh in Kelantan, in which my friend always proudly talk about its vast variety of clothes, bags, jeans, and whatever you could imagined for.

Not proportionally the same size as WCY, but uptown also serves the same, with addition of variety of warongs that sell foods that you could imagined of.

Enough with the introduction! As I've walking around window-shopping all the cheap branded stuff available, I can't help but notice all the wallets, that makes me remember of my own old and ugly wallet of mine that I really want to get rid on. I will definitely buy 1 when my ATM card is "well". OK, I'm still not finding any FS!

Second Stop: Somewhere erm... where am I???

It's just about 10pm after I've already sight seeing around the uptown, so next stop I've planned to go to the famous i-City - which I'm not really sure where. But I've already determined to search it no matter what and to see if my motorcycle's oil-meter really works (it had always struck Full for a couple of days).

But one thing for sure when going around in a big city is all of its main roads are one way road only, which means that if i've missed the intersection of the right road, I would have to cycle around the entire city just to went back at the same point - There's no turning back or U turn whatsoever!

And I'm really sucks at location, that I've to go around the city TWICE and I've almost reaching Klang before I've finally reach the destination.

Third Stop: i-City... Finally!

At last after an hour on the road I've finally saw the glimpse of the luminous i-City from afar. But going there is not easy as to get through of the wide highways and junctions. But in the end after so much hardships I've finally entering the main road towards it, just to realize that it was just in front of UiTM main campus' back door. Geeez!!

My first impression when got there? well for me it's too full of lights there. The colorful neon lights had finally struck my eyes by the time I reached the main junction towards it. And entering the place is like entering a whole different world, where all the trees are glimmering with artificial lights. What an extraordinary view!

But to tell you and myself the truth, it's not really stand out as its reputation. The so-called i-City, which is dubbed as the new MSC-based silicon city of Shah Alam is more like a funfair to me rather than a glimpse of future infrastructures and environment.

The only thing that's worth brought there is not an i-Phone, or a laptop or watever state-of-the-art gadget that you have that might be synchronized with the "future" environment there, but just merely a camera that allows you to mencapub (mencari publisiti murahan. yes I jeles ok!) all night long, or for those who just want to see all the fancy light toys that they sell there.

For me, i-City is no more than a family-themed disco!

Haha after hanging out there for a while, it's time for me to get back home (and get lost in the highways, AGAIN!).

And did I find my fried sushi in the end?? Fortunately, it's sold at i-City but its costs RM5 each! T.T

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  1. having read ur post,i couldn't agree more that ur life looked even better than ur old days at uitm jengka which was bare desert and insignificant.if i'm not mistaken it has been very long since the last time u revived this's good to know that everything had turned out really well for you.hope to hear more good news...