Thursday, 27 January 2011

My 2011 dream list (?)

Now I'm already in a new place, with new atmosphere bla3, so I think that the needs to acquire something new in life are also more compelling than ever. So I've been thinking quite a while right now so these are the check list of what I might want to achieve here as a TESL student.
1. To get the body figure I'd dream for.
This is my eternal dream like since my diploma years. It's not like I'm not achieving it at all, but its results rather fluctuates, thanks to my lack of commitment in term of controlling my cholesterol consumption as well as weight management. To be frank food is like my best friend. They console me whenever I feel sad and they're like the second person that I could trust after my best friends. So its really sad to leave them, after all these things that they've done to me.

One of the best Johorean delicacy: Nasi Ambeng. Doesn't that looks seducing?? *don't fall AGAIN into this trap Sahaful! T.T*

Wait! What good things do they really done to me, except of getting me a step closer towards obese, heart failure, diabetes and everything worst that I could think of after 15++ years from now? OK that's it. Bye2 food. I'd always never miss you!

Well, as I planned to start controlling food intake, I'm also planned to practice a healthy lifestyle to - by this I mean doing exercise. Not like I never exercise before or everything, but I never get serious doing them - I only do them when I feel like to. But that never occurs when it involves food. So by doing jog for starters, at least I think I'm on the right track, that is if I could get myself into one. *ELOL (Evil laugh out loud)*

My goal? Erm, to get the body shape I longed for, of course! (not in a Gay way but rather in a Kevin Zahri way) Like there's any differences. Duh. *LOLA (LOL Again)*

Just for the record, I'm not really aiming to get a six pack abs like this (eventhough it will be a bonus if I managed to do so):

Double the physique, double the efforts.

But rather just an average body figure, just like Fahrin Ahmad *ELOL*:

Look how happy and proud he is showing his body and charm! I hope I would be as happy as him one day. (A wishful thinking does not hurt anyone, right?)

And definitely I don't want to end up like this:

A living nightmare. Ouch! *got backfired*

2. Undergoing LASIK surgery.
I'm tired of wearing spectacles! Wearing spectacles have many disadvantages - besides have to relied heavily on it (due to high lens power), it also limits my ability to do whatever I want in life. For example, I've always imagined going for a scuba diving. But I guess with my current state, the only thing that I can only see without my spectacles is only the goggles that I've wear.

So in order to try something new, like scuba diving, or swimming, or just mencapub using cool sunglesses, my vision must be fixed first.

Damn! It's looks so freakin' scary! But they say it doesn't really hurts at all.

So what is LASIK anyway? Why don't you just Wikipedia them yourself.

3. Getting a new mobile gadget.
This is not really compulsory for me but by having it I feel that it might increase my facebook and twitter literacy (like it wasn't enough before). But the thing is since my diploma I really have a crush on Blackberry when looking at my friends who have one, but its weird that they doesn't really implied it much. They say the WiFi connection via blackberry is slow and depressing, so I don't really much care about them anymore.

But when I move here at Shah Alam, my new friends as I could see they really used them use them like every single minute - especially one of my classmates whom can never be separated with her blackberry whenever there's free time - reading whatever on twitter or facebook. So that kinda get back my attention on experiencing her passion too.

And then, there is also my housemates whom also are looking for a new mobile too, and he showed me this new Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 that he have already surveyed on the market, which he dubbed as having a function that comparable with iPhone (but of course with less quality) and it comes with a reasonable price (RM650++ - AP). Then today (28 Jan) we went into this IT Fair located at Mid Valley, and found some of interesting gadgets there:

This is the new SE Xperia X8 like I mentioned before, the latest (maybe) in Xperia Series. It has all the specs of a smart phones, but with lower price. It's sooo cool in term of function, but its appearance is kinda dull, don't you think?

It's like love at the first sight! I fell in love with this this SE Xperia X10 when first I touched it at an outlets at Midvalley. It's so damn cool, plus its elegant designs and features, it's so hot that I think iPhone is out-to-date. Haha just kidding! Maybe its just a typical of me who tend to like expensive items better. But who doesn't?

My long lost love. Mon peu de passion. Blackberry Bold 9780. I would definitely get my hands on one of this black baby, if God permits it. : )

But after so much thinking, I think that no. 3 can hold on. I'm not really in the need for a new handphone, since the old are quite okay (I think). So right now I think I just want to concentrating on the first two then. *LOL* (Tetibe rase teruja kan!)

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