Monday, 24 January 2011

Miss you very much, Old Lady

Taken during part 1, or during Mat Nor buy his new cellphone.
Not really sure. *LOL*

Back then when I'm still so-called "ensnared" at Jengka, I thought life there were hard. I kept mumbling and complaint on even a simple thing. I feel like Jengka is a very inhospitable place, where bores and dogs roaming around everywhere during the night and the sun is flaring during the day - that's the least of all the bad ones that I could think of Jengka in on the topic.

But I guess I was wrong.

Here living in Shah Alam were anything but easy. Unlike Jengka, there's so much place to see, and so much things to explore. But one thing I realized when living here is it's hectic atmosphere here and there, where cars buzzling around its 4 lane road towards their destination. Where here there's so many roundabout that makes my head spinning around too.

Mencapub in front of a fashion figure. Kau mampu??

And it's just not that. Living back in Jengka, even though there's only 2 tacky supermarket available, but going into the big cities like Temerloh and KL for shopping is easy. But here, even though there's so much malls to choose from the old Plaza PKNS to the grand new SACC Mall, where all of them are relatively near to where we live, but reaching there is a challenge itself. There's so many signboards, whether old or new, that are sometimes confusing. Especially to a motorcyclist like me, which have to face the wide highways connecting the cities in the Klang Valley. My first attempt to go to Bukit Raja Mall, I end up lost disastrously in Klang. At least I came back home in one piece. Sigh.

"Zaman2 melacor di KL" P/S: Guess whether they've already eat or not? *LOL*

At Jengka, just take the metrobus and we'll get a safe journey towards everywhere we wants to go, safe and sound. But here, the busses is too much and the transportation network is so complicated. My friend tells me he get confused and waiting from 8.30am until 11.30am just because he doesn't know that the bus have to be switch off on other bus stop where then he will found the correct bus leads to Seksyen 17. And that's just going between sections inside the city. What about going from Shah Alam to Klang or KL?

NADI KOTA: The only facility that connects Jengka to the outside world.

KFC: The only measurement that shows how "modernized" Jengka is.

And then if you think that the foods in the cities are cheaper than the one sold at the daydreaming-city of Jengka, well think again. When today I went to a Pasar Malam (Night Market) just in front of my hostel to try out the food, I was shocked to know that the price of my favorite fried sushi here is RM4.50, just 50cent cheaper than the one they've sold at i-City. Damn! If when at Jengka I've complaint the cost of the same delicacy as blood-choking: RM3, well here I'll definitely choking to death.

And there is also the jogging track that I've missed a lot. During the years in Jengka it's easy to jog along the road inside the campus or even the main road which are less busy. I've remember going along the labyrinth of tarmac road in the pact squatter area at Rantau Perintis. We've enjoyed a lot exploring area by foot and also discovering the unexpected - a white-horn hornbill (which looks like a Palawan Hornbill to me). But here, the only jogging track available is just about a football-field size area, where we share the site with a Tamil school just beside us as well as the residents of this area. It's sad.

Me and Kikim hangging out at a warong in Pagar, the so-called Food Court of Jengka.

This is just a reminiscence of the good moments in the past, so I hope this pic will not offended anybody okay... Plssss... >.<

But the truth is, the thing that I missed a lot is my friends there. I always remember the good moments we had together, where at class me and Khalid gossiping and "melahar" almost anywhere and every time. Then I remember during weekends my and all my friends went out to Pasar Malam and spend the night together making the life out of the lifeless there. Where there's so much drama, scandal as well as controversy happening around us that we can talk about! We have so much fun back then.

Shubi, Khalid and me just mencapub bagai waiting for our order at Sweet Apple. This is our favorite hangout spot!

Me and my BFF, Khalid. Aren't we scandalous? Hahaha.

Reminiscing the past made me realized how valuable each moments I spent there during my days in Jengka. I treasured them a lot, so much that I could cry right now. I hope that here also would turn out for the best for me to spent on and having new memories, as unforgettable as the one I've spend before in my previous study.

For all that's worth, I would never forget you, dear Old Lady of Jengka. Thank you for your "inhospitable" hospitality.

God help me.

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