Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Going to the barber shop

I've always had a mixed feeling when going to a barber shop. It's like since little that the idea of cutting hair is not really gives me the thrill or excitement that one's should really have. Rather its gets me the anxious feeling when I'm deciding that it's time for me to go there.

For me, going to the barber shop is like going for an operation - where you'll never know what to expect during the process, nevertheless the results. It's like experimenting with our looks and appearance, whether it will results in good term or not depends on the barber. But most of the time, I get disappointed when seeing the "new" me after a while sitting there.

Gosh! I hope it wouldn't gonna be a bad hair day for me tomorrow.

Since like the first day I can remember until the end of my school years, my hair are only being cut by male barber only - whether it was my grandpa when I was a little or the barbers that we could find in the town back then. But this changes when I entered UiTM Pahang, where I was being influenced by my friend to try to get a haircut at a unisex saloon, where most are conducted by young girls.

The first time I went into such places, I kinda worried whether how the end results were like - whether its just as awful as the male ones or better. But during that moment also the idea that a girl touches my hair and doing something with it are also kinda scary. But alhamdulillah, the first "trial" went out satisfyingly, no, it's makes me so happy that I feel like less hot version of Fahrin Ahmad or something. *LOL*

Don't you see our resemblance? Just kidding!! *crazy*

So the first success really like signing a contract with them - I never look for other place since. But unfortunately the saloon does not last long, as the mall that they are located in are forced to shut down due to high debt of unpaid rent by the owner of the mall. So typical for Jengka!

But then that's not the end of that, as my friend introduce me to other saloon, this time a saloon that have been well-known among the student there in Jengka, a place that we commonly known as Kedai Kak Intan. This happen during my final year. At first, I just preferring the "usual" style of haircut when visiting there. But Kak Intan is quite friendly and a chatter of herself, and it doesn't take very long for me to start trusting her.

Then she is the one whom suggested to me a new way of haircut, which is mohawk. At first I think that style is kinda funny and since my hair is quite the curly type therefore I dont think it matches me at all if I'm not undergoing rebonding first. But she's quite smart at styling. She cut my hair in mohawk style all right, but it was the shorter version that in the end made my hair looks straight.

Maybe my hair look like this back then. *LOL*

My first reaction after that? Bedazzled with my new look! And so do my friends, they said that I looked differently. Well another successful haircut, and therefore made me feel excited for another session, but occurs just before my TESL interview.

But I don't know what happen that day. Kak Intan had confessed on how she was not feeling well at all during that day and therefore could not gave the same touch as she have done before. She cuts my hair but it wasn't as good as she done it before. So then with a feeling of disappointment I went to Shah Alam to undergo the interview.

But wait, maybe there's still something that I could do to fix it. Just when the bus arrived at Seksyen 17 station, I quickly went off and tried to find any barber shop available there. Thank God there's an Indian barber shop there, and I went there to get my hair trimmed. At least if I cannot be in style that I want to, at least I do want to look formally presentable in front of the panels. So the problem solved.

And then today are also a big day to me. I'm planning to have a haircut during the CNY break but since my classmate Diba told me that we are having a class photo shoot tomorrow (so soon!), so I think I must get a hair cut, just to make sure my hair doesn't look messy in the photos. And then here my journey in search of the perfect saloon is on.

But here there's one problem about their saloons - they styler are usually Chinese and it doesn't comes cheap. So as I was strolling inside Ole-Ole Mall I manage to find a small barber shop, just next to a big saloon which just had a promotion banner in front of it - RM60++ haircut for CNY offer. OMG I wonder how much the normal price would be.

The barber shop that I've tell you about. But it isn't easy to take this pic, since there's so many witnesses around. I don't other people to think that I'm a stalker or something, so I waited here for the right time to take pictures and "gegeh" acting like I'm interested on the books sold in front of this shop. I swear to God the bookshop staff thinks that I'm a thief or something. But it's worth it!

So in the end after a while considering pros and cons of the two completely different shop, I decided to visit the humble one, where I was greeted by this Indonesian/Nepalese fellow. Hurm well his appearance does not giving me any confidence at all that he was a styler of his kind, so I just stick with the "biasa" style. And then he starts cutting and babbling about something that I could not understand with his friend.

By saying "biasa" I'd really hope that it would turns out like this:

Kau mampu?? *over-berangan*

But sadly the barber misinterpret it as this:

At least it looks good on him.

Thank God it wouldn't turns out like this:

I can't even imagine myself looking like this.

Cut here.. cut there.. until I think that there's too much cutting already, yet he never stops.

Oh My Prada, I think this is the end of my hopes for a better pic tomorrow. And for the worst he might left my head hairless!

But thank God he really understand the word "biasa". And he gave me "biasa" all right - a plain style that reminds me of my school days. But I felt grateful nevertheless. It could be worst.

But one differences that I noticed is how male barbers lack of inspiration and creativeness - the tend to just implying the same haircut over and over again, without any attempt to stylized the customers' appearance or suggesting better style.

And their method of cutting are also dull and boring also, which makes me sleepy all the time, compared with female way of cutting that looks different - such as this one female styler at Jengka whom never used the usual electric cutter, but just merely her hands to cut the hair. It weird at first to feel her hand tangling with my hair. But it was an unforgettable experience.

Maybe I should try the big saloon next time. : \

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