Saturday, 22 January 2011

The devil in disguise

Have you ever wondered whether someone or everyone that you knew around you are really what they seems to be?

Do they really live up to their known quality or just pretending to be someone that we thinks he is?

Judging people would never be simpler in today's context. We've seen some on the news and many more on the tabloids where an ustaz or religious clergy raped, sodomized or even doing something beyond our perception. Or peoples be slaughtered by their own offspring or like recent case, their grandson. It's like now we can never trust everybody around us.

All of these are cases that wasn't being done by some infamous villain but rather peoples whom we've never expected - the victims were being killed or mistreated by someone that they thought were good in nature. Someone who I rather said as a good pretender.

Hypocrisy comes at different levels in our lives. It comes unexpectedly; usually it was used as a popular way to overcome or hide our uneasiness about something, or rather someone that is so annoying and at the same time we cannot escape from meeting them. Like in the classical TVB soap drama where the subjects must be really REALLY good at pretending, flattering and say the right word at the right time when they met the emperor or their superiors; as one little mistake might cost their head.

But that's long time ago, and it happens far-far away - away from our culture and traditions.

Okay, maybe some act of hypocrisy are understandable. But what about the cases where people becomes a total ass**** by pretending to be so-called good in nature and using religion as the ultimate shield to cover up their misdeeds and sins?

And I'm not talking about this in a political perspective. Duh!

It's already becoming a plague in our society where people whom are very transparent in their dark lifestyle and follows them with pride and loves the attention and publicity it created afterwards. All of these are mostly done and justified in the name of so-called liberté et l'égalité.

But at least they show what are they made of and therefore it's easy to differentiate them from others. Like black and white.

But there's also peoples whom I likely assumes as the unfortunates - ones whom pathetically stuck in between. Maybe they lived in a conservative atmosphere, or being raised by a conservative family, but they are very VERY cautious about their conduct in front of the society. Peoples whom have this "conservative shell" around them tend to act and live as natural as they could and mingling with the surroundings, and hoped that no one will ever find out about what they've done in their private times to out-gay-ed their life.

And for me, this kind of an individual can still be tolerated, since me too living in a conservative (if not religious) atmosphere and being raised in a family where looks conservatives on the outside but very secularized in the inside. Maybe the hypocrisy runs in my veins too? >.<

But there is this other types of person whom I feel really out-damned their selves and the others as well - Peoples who use religion as their so-called perfect cover-ups.

Skeezz~! Have you ever have the experience where the people that you always thought as good or looks heavenly devout suddenly acts like a devil behind your back? Well to be frank I do have one. This person whom looks very promising in appearance like Ustaz Amirul but have a dark side more disgusting than The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.

Peoples like these whom Malays called "bagai ketam mengajar anaknya berjalan betul" and the worst ones are called "syaitan bertopengkan manusia", where they always remind other people towards good deeds and God's punishment for the sin of whatever but when people weren't watching, it's the other case around.

They seldom enjoyed entertaining their lusts in a dark room away from everybody else that they assume were stupid enough to realize his/her hidden activities. And more pathetic, they used nasyid or songs that praises God to cover it up, or worst they out-gay-ed themselves in sins while listening to Quran recitation!

Can you believe that?? If they can act this far, do they really have the slightest fear of God's condemnation whatsoever? They use God Himself to cover up their sins. What can be more worst than that?

Yes, in Islam it is a compulsory or wajib for every Muslims to cover up their disgrace (aib). But I don't think this is the right way of applying that. That law only applies for those whom already stop their misdeeds and repent for their sins, and therefore it is important to covered it up from others as to prevent social misunderstanding and retribution.

But that doesn't count for the people whom covering their sin from the public so that they could continue doing so comfortably without social prejudice. They can ignored God, but God will never ignored them. In the end, what comes around goes around.

If you're so hypocrite yourself towards others, don't you ever had in mind that other people might also do the same thing to you? It's karma. Don't expect that your secrets will be concealed forever, because secrets always had its way of leaking out. It's just a matter of God's will.

So for those whom gambling their lives and souls for the sake of pathetic fantasy of sin, remember that people are not stupid, and they would definitely think for the worst first when they detected something fishy on you.

Where do you think gossips came from eventually? Duh.

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