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Cerekarama: Iqra

Hey, did you guys watching Cerekarama: Iqra last night? I'm not a very big fan of Cerekarama but last night I happens to accidentally watched it with my friend, Dek Mie.

Well, it was a very good story actually. First I kinda skeptical when watching its commercial ads days before and thought, 'Ah, this would be some story of a pious person being continuously trying to persuade an astray person towards the true path and in the process he will be tortured physically or orally bla3. Such a cliche in a typical Malay drama.' But it proves that I was wrong.

Basically, the story is about a family that just enjoying their new self-gained wealth and move into a new bungalow. This story, of course like the typical rich Malay families, are westernized in term of their lifestyle. And then there is this old pious man (Roslan Salleh) who is like the messenger of God that tries his best to open the heart of the father (Eman Manan) despites being continuously yelled and cursed by the father whom really proud and arrogant with his wealth.

Then the plot development is just the same: having a sexy wife (Jasmin Hamid) whom is cheating behind his back. Having a son and a daughter whom are so occupied with their social and sex life which turns out in the end that the daughter becomes pregnant and as a result her hot casanova boyfriend (Afiq Muiz) asked her to abort it. For the cheater, she is eventually busted by her husband and get the ultimate divorce - Talak 3. And in the end the husband opens his heart towards God and repent. The End.

But I like the mystical elements that they insert in the story. Where the pious man always come and vanish from nowhere. And the present (the Holy Quran) suddenly appeared in Eman's room. The pious man's name, Pak Kudus is also somelike interesting yet mysterious as well. (Suddenly it pops up in my mind to link it with Roh-ul Kudus or Gabriel, which I thought at first were sent by God to change him) ;P

Sometimes I've got goosebumps when looking at some scenes from this drama. It's like watching the Islamic version of scary movies or something. LOL.

But what I like is the message of the story. It really shows that if God wants to open or show His true path or guidance (hidayah) towards the men that He had chosen, then no matter how hard or incorrigible the person was as we think back then but in the end he will submit to Him with humble and full of regret. It's an extraordinary proof that God's providence is above all.

I think it really gives a positive feeling on me. It makes me think that there's no sin which are not worthy for God's forgiveness and the path towards Him is the best and secured life. And even becoming extremely rich doesn't guarantee happiness. In the end it is the natural tendency (fitrah) of every man to seek not just the outer satisfaction, but also the fulfillment of the soul which are matters as well.

So I think as many of Islamic-oriented dramas before, Iqra is a very good propaganda (dakwah) toward the consciousness and appreciation of Islamic values towards all range of people, especially the wealthy ones.

But I don't think many of the socialites would have the time to watched it since it was Saturday night after all, a night where it's still considered too early to went home even the clock struck 5am in the morning. At least that's what Jasmin said in the drama.

So in the end, I would like to share an old song which have been revived through the drama Ustaz Amirul, that I've already used as the background music of this blog.

The song entitled Doa (Prayers), sung by Aishah.
The lyric is simple, but for me its full of emotions. T.T
(please look way down for the lyrics because I don't know why the html is not really properly synchronized with my blog. very sorry for the inconvenience.) =.="

Actual Lyric


Dalam termanggu
Ku sebut nama-Mu
Biar susah sungguh
Mengingati Kau
Penuh seluruh

My Lord
In my dumbfounded
I call out Your name
Eventhough its hard
To remember You
Completely and entirely

Tuhanku cahaya-Mu panas suci
Bagai kerdip lilin
Di kelam sunyi

My Lord, Your light is warm and pure
Like the flicker of a candle
In a lonely darkness

Aku hilang bentuk
Kembara di negeri asing
Pintu-Mu ku ketuk
Aku tak bisa berpaling

My Lord
I've lost my true form (character)
(in) My journey of the unknown land
My Lord
I knock Your door (seeking redemption)
(which) I cannot turn my back from

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