Thursday, 27 January 2011

My 2011 dream list (?)

Now I'm already in a new place, with new atmosphere bla3, so I think that the needs to acquire something new in life are also more compelling than ever. So I've been thinking quite a while right now so these are the check list of what I might want to achieve here as a TESL student.
1. To get the body figure I'd dream for.
This is my eternal dream like since my diploma years. It's not like I'm not achieving it at all, but its results rather fluctuates, thanks to my lack of commitment in term of controlling my cholesterol consumption as well as weight management. To be frank food is like my best friend. They console me whenever I feel sad and they're like the second person that I could trust after my best friends. So its really sad to leave them, after all these things that they've done to me.

One of the best Johorean delicacy: Nasi Ambeng. Doesn't that looks seducing?? *don't fall AGAIN into this trap Sahaful! T.T*

Wait! What good things do they really done to me, except of getting me a step closer towards obese, heart failure, diabetes and everything worst that I could think of after 15++ years from now? OK that's it. Bye2 food. I'd always never miss you!

Well, as I planned to start controlling food intake, I'm also planned to practice a healthy lifestyle to - by this I mean doing exercise. Not like I never exercise before or everything, but I never get serious doing them - I only do them when I feel like to. But that never occurs when it involves food. So by doing jog for starters, at least I think I'm on the right track, that is if I could get myself into one. *ELOL (Evil laugh out loud)*

My goal? Erm, to get the body shape I longed for, of course! (not in a Gay way but rather in a Kevin Zahri way) Like there's any differences. Duh. *LOLA (LOL Again)*

Just for the record, I'm not really aiming to get a six pack abs like this (eventhough it will be a bonus if I managed to do so):

Double the physique, double the efforts.

But rather just an average body figure, just like Fahrin Ahmad *ELOL*:

Look how happy and proud he is showing his body and charm! I hope I would be as happy as him one day. (A wishful thinking does not hurt anyone, right?)

And definitely I don't want to end up like this:

A living nightmare. Ouch! *got backfired*

2. Undergoing LASIK surgery.
I'm tired of wearing spectacles! Wearing spectacles have many disadvantages - besides have to relied heavily on it (due to high lens power), it also limits my ability to do whatever I want in life. For example, I've always imagined going for a scuba diving. But I guess with my current state, the only thing that I can only see without my spectacles is only the goggles that I've wear.

So in order to try something new, like scuba diving, or swimming, or just mencapub using cool sunglesses, my vision must be fixed first.

Damn! It's looks so freakin' scary! But they say it doesn't really hurts at all.

So what is LASIK anyway? Why don't you just Wikipedia them yourself.

3. Getting a new mobile gadget.
This is not really compulsory for me but by having it I feel that it might increase my facebook and twitter literacy (like it wasn't enough before). But the thing is since my diploma I really have a crush on Blackberry when looking at my friends who have one, but its weird that they doesn't really implied it much. They say the WiFi connection via blackberry is slow and depressing, so I don't really much care about them anymore.

But when I move here at Shah Alam, my new friends as I could see they really used them use them like every single minute - especially one of my classmates whom can never be separated with her blackberry whenever there's free time - reading whatever on twitter or facebook. So that kinda get back my attention on experiencing her passion too.

And then, there is also my housemates whom also are looking for a new mobile too, and he showed me this new Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 that he have already surveyed on the market, which he dubbed as having a function that comparable with iPhone (but of course with less quality) and it comes with a reasonable price (RM650++ - AP). Then today (28 Jan) we went into this IT Fair located at Mid Valley, and found some of interesting gadgets there:

This is the new SE Xperia X8 like I mentioned before, the latest (maybe) in Xperia Series. It has all the specs of a smart phones, but with lower price. It's sooo cool in term of function, but its appearance is kinda dull, don't you think?

It's like love at the first sight! I fell in love with this this SE Xperia X10 when first I touched it at an outlets at Midvalley. It's so damn cool, plus its elegant designs and features, it's so hot that I think iPhone is out-to-date. Haha just kidding! Maybe its just a typical of me who tend to like expensive items better. But who doesn't?

My long lost love. Mon peu de passion. Blackberry Bold 9780. I would definitely get my hands on one of this black baby, if God permits it. : )

But after so much thinking, I think that no. 3 can hold on. I'm not really in the need for a new handphone, since the old are quite okay (I think). So right now I think I just want to concentrating on the first two then. *LOL* (Tetibe rase teruja kan!)

Life's brief candle

"To-morrow, and to-morrow, and to-morrow,
Creeps in this petty pace from day to day

To the last syllable of recorded time,

And all our yesterdays have lighted fools

The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!

Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player

That struts and frets his hour upon the stage

And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,

Signifying nothing."

.: Shakespeare :.

Back then during my Form 1 when this poem is taught I don't really get what it means. I just imagined that this poem is all about people performing on theater or something - just as my teacher taught me - without any thought that it also can be implied into life.

But now after about 21 years of experiencing whatever around me in life, the perspective changes here and there, and so do my understanding. Life is not just revolving around homework or television anymore, but rather now it implies on every single detail that we could think of.

Yesterday, today, or even tomorrow, what do I want to expect in life? Day after day passed and all I could see is the worst of everything, here and there. Of course there's a good part on everything, but as I grew up my perception in life is quite literally dramatic. It's more about the inner sense - what do you feel in life, or even what do you want to be, or want to feel - all that quite related to our emotions.

But then during life, I've encounter some people which are truly not what it seems to be. People whom are a great actors in this stage of life - people whom have a hidden desires, either it was good or not. Nevertheless, they will acted accordingly to achieve their desires. And they sacrifice a lot during the process, even some sacrifice their own conscience in order to achieve their goal.

So in the end, does people really achieve what they want to be in life?
Do they feel its worth a while, while sacrificing all others and abandoning the true conscience just to achieve this one goal of their goal in life.
Why people tend to become an ass**** or rather plastics just to please others; like what Cady Heron mention in Mean Girls - just to gain popularity and recognition?

At last what do we achieve, really, when our inner selves are being eaten alive bit by bit, day after day?

No matter how good we act in life, there would be a turning point on everything. No one are able to live the life they've achieve for forever. If it isn't karma that gets us, then death will be a resolution. Nobody wins.

In the end, life's just like a brief of a candle.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Going to the barber shop

I've always had a mixed feeling when going to a barber shop. It's like since little that the idea of cutting hair is not really gives me the thrill or excitement that one's should really have. Rather its gets me the anxious feeling when I'm deciding that it's time for me to go there.

For me, going to the barber shop is like going for an operation - where you'll never know what to expect during the process, nevertheless the results. It's like experimenting with our looks and appearance, whether it will results in good term or not depends on the barber. But most of the time, I get disappointed when seeing the "new" me after a while sitting there.

Gosh! I hope it wouldn't gonna be a bad hair day for me tomorrow.

Since like the first day I can remember until the end of my school years, my hair are only being cut by male barber only - whether it was my grandpa when I was a little or the barbers that we could find in the town back then. But this changes when I entered UiTM Pahang, where I was being influenced by my friend to try to get a haircut at a unisex saloon, where most are conducted by young girls.

The first time I went into such places, I kinda worried whether how the end results were like - whether its just as awful as the male ones or better. But during that moment also the idea that a girl touches my hair and doing something with it are also kinda scary. But alhamdulillah, the first "trial" went out satisfyingly, no, it's makes me so happy that I feel like less hot version of Fahrin Ahmad or something. *LOL*

Don't you see our resemblance? Just kidding!! *crazy*

So the first success really like signing a contract with them - I never look for other place since. But unfortunately the saloon does not last long, as the mall that they are located in are forced to shut down due to high debt of unpaid rent by the owner of the mall. So typical for Jengka!

But then that's not the end of that, as my friend introduce me to other saloon, this time a saloon that have been well-known among the student there in Jengka, a place that we commonly known as Kedai Kak Intan. This happen during my final year. At first, I just preferring the "usual" style of haircut when visiting there. But Kak Intan is quite friendly and a chatter of herself, and it doesn't take very long for me to start trusting her.

Then she is the one whom suggested to me a new way of haircut, which is mohawk. At first I think that style is kinda funny and since my hair is quite the curly type therefore I dont think it matches me at all if I'm not undergoing rebonding first. But she's quite smart at styling. She cut my hair in mohawk style all right, but it was the shorter version that in the end made my hair looks straight.

Maybe my hair look like this back then. *LOL*

My first reaction after that? Bedazzled with my new look! And so do my friends, they said that I looked differently. Well another successful haircut, and therefore made me feel excited for another session, but occurs just before my TESL interview.

But I don't know what happen that day. Kak Intan had confessed on how she was not feeling well at all during that day and therefore could not gave the same touch as she have done before. She cuts my hair but it wasn't as good as she done it before. So then with a feeling of disappointment I went to Shah Alam to undergo the interview.

But wait, maybe there's still something that I could do to fix it. Just when the bus arrived at Seksyen 17 station, I quickly went off and tried to find any barber shop available there. Thank God there's an Indian barber shop there, and I went there to get my hair trimmed. At least if I cannot be in style that I want to, at least I do want to look formally presentable in front of the panels. So the problem solved.

And then today are also a big day to me. I'm planning to have a haircut during the CNY break but since my classmate Diba told me that we are having a class photo shoot tomorrow (so soon!), so I think I must get a hair cut, just to make sure my hair doesn't look messy in the photos. And then here my journey in search of the perfect saloon is on.

But here there's one problem about their saloons - they styler are usually Chinese and it doesn't comes cheap. So as I was strolling inside Ole-Ole Mall I manage to find a small barber shop, just next to a big saloon which just had a promotion banner in front of it - RM60++ haircut for CNY offer. OMG I wonder how much the normal price would be.

The barber shop that I've tell you about. But it isn't easy to take this pic, since there's so many witnesses around. I don't other people to think that I'm a stalker or something, so I waited here for the right time to take pictures and "gegeh" acting like I'm interested on the books sold in front of this shop. I swear to God the bookshop staff thinks that I'm a thief or something. But it's worth it!

So in the end after a while considering pros and cons of the two completely different shop, I decided to visit the humble one, where I was greeted by this Indonesian/Nepalese fellow. Hurm well his appearance does not giving me any confidence at all that he was a styler of his kind, so I just stick with the "biasa" style. And then he starts cutting and babbling about something that I could not understand with his friend.

By saying "biasa" I'd really hope that it would turns out like this:

Kau mampu?? *over-berangan*

But sadly the barber misinterpret it as this:

At least it looks good on him.

Thank God it wouldn't turns out like this:

I can't even imagine myself looking like this.

Cut here.. cut there.. until I think that there's too much cutting already, yet he never stops.

Oh My Prada, I think this is the end of my hopes for a better pic tomorrow. And for the worst he might left my head hairless!

But thank God he really understand the word "biasa". And he gave me "biasa" all right - a plain style that reminds me of my school days. But I felt grateful nevertheless. It could be worst.

But one differences that I noticed is how male barbers lack of inspiration and creativeness - the tend to just implying the same haircut over and over again, without any attempt to stylized the customers' appearance or suggesting better style.

And their method of cutting are also dull and boring also, which makes me sleepy all the time, compared with female way of cutting that looks different - such as this one female styler at Jengka whom never used the usual electric cutter, but just merely her hands to cut the hair. It weird at first to feel her hand tangling with my hair. But it was an unforgettable experience.

Maybe I should try the big saloon next time. : \

Monday, 24 January 2011

Miss you very much, Old Lady

Taken during part 1, or during Mat Nor buy his new cellphone.
Not really sure. *LOL*

Back then when I'm still so-called "ensnared" at Jengka, I thought life there were hard. I kept mumbling and complaint on even a simple thing. I feel like Jengka is a very inhospitable place, where bores and dogs roaming around everywhere during the night and the sun is flaring during the day - that's the least of all the bad ones that I could think of Jengka in on the topic.

But I guess I was wrong.

Here living in Shah Alam were anything but easy. Unlike Jengka, there's so much place to see, and so much things to explore. But one thing I realized when living here is it's hectic atmosphere here and there, where cars buzzling around its 4 lane road towards their destination. Where here there's so many roundabout that makes my head spinning around too.

Mencapub in front of a fashion figure. Kau mampu??

And it's just not that. Living back in Jengka, even though there's only 2 tacky supermarket available, but going into the big cities like Temerloh and KL for shopping is easy. But here, even though there's so much malls to choose from the old Plaza PKNS to the grand new SACC Mall, where all of them are relatively near to where we live, but reaching there is a challenge itself. There's so many signboards, whether old or new, that are sometimes confusing. Especially to a motorcyclist like me, which have to face the wide highways connecting the cities in the Klang Valley. My first attempt to go to Bukit Raja Mall, I end up lost disastrously in Klang. At least I came back home in one piece. Sigh.

"Zaman2 melacor di KL" P/S: Guess whether they've already eat or not? *LOL*

At Jengka, just take the metrobus and we'll get a safe journey towards everywhere we wants to go, safe and sound. But here, the busses is too much and the transportation network is so complicated. My friend tells me he get confused and waiting from 8.30am until 11.30am just because he doesn't know that the bus have to be switch off on other bus stop where then he will found the correct bus leads to Seksyen 17. And that's just going between sections inside the city. What about going from Shah Alam to Klang or KL?

NADI KOTA: The only facility that connects Jengka to the outside world.

KFC: The only measurement that shows how "modernized" Jengka is.

And then if you think that the foods in the cities are cheaper than the one sold at the daydreaming-city of Jengka, well think again. When today I went to a Pasar Malam (Night Market) just in front of my hostel to try out the food, I was shocked to know that the price of my favorite fried sushi here is RM4.50, just 50cent cheaper than the one they've sold at i-City. Damn! If when at Jengka I've complaint the cost of the same delicacy as blood-choking: RM3, well here I'll definitely choking to death.

And there is also the jogging track that I've missed a lot. During the years in Jengka it's easy to jog along the road inside the campus or even the main road which are less busy. I've remember going along the labyrinth of tarmac road in the pact squatter area at Rantau Perintis. We've enjoyed a lot exploring area by foot and also discovering the unexpected - a white-horn hornbill (which looks like a Palawan Hornbill to me). But here, the only jogging track available is just about a football-field size area, where we share the site with a Tamil school just beside us as well as the residents of this area. It's sad.

Me and Kikim hangging out at a warong in Pagar, the so-called Food Court of Jengka.

This is just a reminiscence of the good moments in the past, so I hope this pic will not offended anybody okay... Plssss... >.<

But the truth is, the thing that I missed a lot is my friends there. I always remember the good moments we had together, where at class me and Khalid gossiping and "melahar" almost anywhere and every time. Then I remember during weekends my and all my friends went out to Pasar Malam and spend the night together making the life out of the lifeless there. Where there's so much drama, scandal as well as controversy happening around us that we can talk about! We have so much fun back then.

Shubi, Khalid and me just mencapub bagai waiting for our order at Sweet Apple. This is our favorite hangout spot!

Me and my BFF, Khalid. Aren't we scandalous? Hahaha.

Reminiscing the past made me realized how valuable each moments I spent there during my days in Jengka. I treasured them a lot, so much that I could cry right now. I hope that here also would turn out for the best for me to spent on and having new memories, as unforgettable as the one I've spend before in my previous study.

For all that's worth, I would never forget you, dear Old Lady of Jengka. Thank you for your "inhospitable" hospitality.

God help me.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Cerekarama: Iqra

Hey, did you guys watching Cerekarama: Iqra last night? I'm not a very big fan of Cerekarama but last night I happens to accidentally watched it with my friend, Dek Mie.

Well, it was a very good story actually. First I kinda skeptical when watching its commercial ads days before and thought, 'Ah, this would be some story of a pious person being continuously trying to persuade an astray person towards the true path and in the process he will be tortured physically or orally bla3. Such a cliche in a typical Malay drama.' But it proves that I was wrong.

Basically, the story is about a family that just enjoying their new self-gained wealth and move into a new bungalow. This story, of course like the typical rich Malay families, are westernized in term of their lifestyle. And then there is this old pious man (Roslan Salleh) who is like the messenger of God that tries his best to open the heart of the father (Eman Manan) despites being continuously yelled and cursed by the father whom really proud and arrogant with his wealth.

Then the plot development is just the same: having a sexy wife (Jasmin Hamid) whom is cheating behind his back. Having a son and a daughter whom are so occupied with their social and sex life which turns out in the end that the daughter becomes pregnant and as a result her hot casanova boyfriend (Afiq Muiz) asked her to abort it. For the cheater, she is eventually busted by her husband and get the ultimate divorce - Talak 3. And in the end the husband opens his heart towards God and repent. The End.

But I like the mystical elements that they insert in the story. Where the pious man always come and vanish from nowhere. And the present (the Holy Quran) suddenly appeared in Eman's room. The pious man's name, Pak Kudus is also somelike interesting yet mysterious as well. (Suddenly it pops up in my mind to link it with Roh-ul Kudus or Gabriel, which I thought at first were sent by God to change him) ;P

Sometimes I've got goosebumps when looking at some scenes from this drama. It's like watching the Islamic version of scary movies or something. LOL.

But what I like is the message of the story. It really shows that if God wants to open or show His true path or guidance (hidayah) towards the men that He had chosen, then no matter how hard or incorrigible the person was as we think back then but in the end he will submit to Him with humble and full of regret. It's an extraordinary proof that God's providence is above all.

I think it really gives a positive feeling on me. It makes me think that there's no sin which are not worthy for God's forgiveness and the path towards Him is the best and secured life. And even becoming extremely rich doesn't guarantee happiness. In the end it is the natural tendency (fitrah) of every man to seek not just the outer satisfaction, but also the fulfillment of the soul which are matters as well.

So I think as many of Islamic-oriented dramas before, Iqra is a very good propaganda (dakwah) toward the consciousness and appreciation of Islamic values towards all range of people, especially the wealthy ones.

But I don't think many of the socialites would have the time to watched it since it was Saturday night after all, a night where it's still considered too early to went home even the clock struck 5am in the morning. At least that's what Jasmin said in the drama.

So in the end, I would like to share an old song which have been revived through the drama Ustaz Amirul, that I've already used as the background music of this blog.

The song entitled Doa (Prayers), sung by Aishah.
The lyric is simple, but for me its full of emotions. T.T
(please look way down for the lyrics because I don't know why the html is not really properly synchronized with my blog. very sorry for the inconvenience.) =.="

Actual Lyric


Dalam termanggu
Ku sebut nama-Mu
Biar susah sungguh
Mengingati Kau
Penuh seluruh

My Lord
In my dumbfounded
I call out Your name
Eventhough its hard
To remember You
Completely and entirely

Tuhanku cahaya-Mu panas suci
Bagai kerdip lilin
Di kelam sunyi

My Lord, Your light is warm and pure
Like the flicker of a candle
In a lonely darkness

Aku hilang bentuk
Kembara di negeri asing
Pintu-Mu ku ketuk
Aku tak bisa berpaling

My Lord
I've lost my true form (character)
(in) My journey of the unknown land
My Lord
I knock Your door (seeking redemption)
(which) I cannot turn my back from

Saturday, 22 January 2011

The devil in disguise

Have you ever wondered whether someone or everyone that you knew around you are really what they seems to be?

Do they really live up to their known quality or just pretending to be someone that we thinks he is?

Judging people would never be simpler in today's context. We've seen some on the news and many more on the tabloids where an ustaz or religious clergy raped, sodomized or even doing something beyond our perception. Or peoples be slaughtered by their own offspring or like recent case, their grandson. It's like now we can never trust everybody around us.

All of these are cases that wasn't being done by some infamous villain but rather peoples whom we've never expected - the victims were being killed or mistreated by someone that they thought were good in nature. Someone who I rather said as a good pretender.

Hypocrisy comes at different levels in our lives. It comes unexpectedly; usually it was used as a popular way to overcome or hide our uneasiness about something, or rather someone that is so annoying and at the same time we cannot escape from meeting them. Like in the classical TVB soap drama where the subjects must be really REALLY good at pretending, flattering and say the right word at the right time when they met the emperor or their superiors; as one little mistake might cost their head.

But that's long time ago, and it happens far-far away - away from our culture and traditions.

Okay, maybe some act of hypocrisy are understandable. But what about the cases where people becomes a total ass**** by pretending to be so-called good in nature and using religion as the ultimate shield to cover up their misdeeds and sins?

And I'm not talking about this in a political perspective. Duh!

It's already becoming a plague in our society where people whom are very transparent in their dark lifestyle and follows them with pride and loves the attention and publicity it created afterwards. All of these are mostly done and justified in the name of so-called liberté et l'égalité.

But at least they show what are they made of and therefore it's easy to differentiate them from others. Like black and white.

But there's also peoples whom I likely assumes as the unfortunates - ones whom pathetically stuck in between. Maybe they lived in a conservative atmosphere, or being raised by a conservative family, but they are very VERY cautious about their conduct in front of the society. Peoples whom have this "conservative shell" around them tend to act and live as natural as they could and mingling with the surroundings, and hoped that no one will ever find out about what they've done in their private times to out-gay-ed their life.

And for me, this kind of an individual can still be tolerated, since me too living in a conservative (if not religious) atmosphere and being raised in a family where looks conservatives on the outside but very secularized in the inside. Maybe the hypocrisy runs in my veins too? >.<

But there is this other types of person whom I feel really out-damned their selves and the others as well - Peoples who use religion as their so-called perfect cover-ups.

Skeezz~! Have you ever have the experience where the people that you always thought as good or looks heavenly devout suddenly acts like a devil behind your back? Well to be frank I do have one. This person whom looks very promising in appearance like Ustaz Amirul but have a dark side more disgusting than The Mysteries of Pittsburgh.

Peoples like these whom Malays called "bagai ketam mengajar anaknya berjalan betul" and the worst ones are called "syaitan bertopengkan manusia", where they always remind other people towards good deeds and God's punishment for the sin of whatever but when people weren't watching, it's the other case around.

They seldom enjoyed entertaining their lusts in a dark room away from everybody else that they assume were stupid enough to realize his/her hidden activities. And more pathetic, they used nasyid or songs that praises God to cover it up, or worst they out-gay-ed themselves in sins while listening to Quran recitation!

Can you believe that?? If they can act this far, do they really have the slightest fear of God's condemnation whatsoever? They use God Himself to cover up their sins. What can be more worst than that?

Yes, in Islam it is a compulsory or wajib for every Muslims to cover up their disgrace (aib). But I don't think this is the right way of applying that. That law only applies for those whom already stop their misdeeds and repent for their sins, and therefore it is important to covered it up from others as to prevent social misunderstanding and retribution.

But that doesn't count for the people whom covering their sin from the public so that they could continue doing so comfortably without social prejudice. They can ignored God, but God will never ignored them. In the end, what comes around goes around.

If you're so hypocrite yourself towards others, don't you ever had in mind that other people might also do the same thing to you? It's karma. Don't expect that your secrets will be concealed forever, because secrets always had its way of leaking out. It's just a matter of God's will.

So for those whom gambling their lives and souls for the sake of pathetic fantasy of sin, remember that people are not stupid, and they would definitely think for the worst first when they detected something fishy on you.

Where do you think gossips came from eventually? Duh.

Monday, 10 January 2011

The so-called "sacred" journey

Sunday, January 9 - Last night maybe one of my first journey in exploring this new city that I've just settled in - Shah Alam.

It's just started with an idea of cravenness towards a food that I called "fried sushi", a big sushi-like rolls that stuffed with fishcake, crabs, seaweed etc. I've been introduced to this yummy delicacy during my times at Jengka, and I've never stopped enjoying every bite of it.

But after I left Jengka, I haven't taste them and they're quite forgotten for quite a while, not until recently when I'm accidentally visiting a nightmarket on Section 24. Unfortunately during that moment I can only watch with awe their tenderness and just imagined how nice it is the seafood fillings inside. (I've don't bring my wallet at that time because I've just returned from a mosque)

So after quite a while daydreaming, last night I've finally decided to go for a FSS (fried-sushi searching) around Shah Alam. Maybe I looks like a sacred journey of Jalan-jalan Cari Makan but the truth is it was just a mere excuse to go around the city and see what this so-called "orchid city" is all about.

First Stop: Uptown Seksyen 24
This was the first place that I have in mind when planning on searching for the food. This place reminds me of Wakaf Che Yeh in Kelantan, in which my friend always proudly talk about its vast variety of clothes, bags, jeans, and whatever you could imagined for.

Not proportionally the same size as WCY, but uptown also serves the same, with addition of variety of warongs that sell foods that you could imagined of.

Enough with the introduction! As I've walking around window-shopping all the cheap branded stuff available, I can't help but notice all the wallets, that makes me remember of my own old and ugly wallet of mine that I really want to get rid on. I will definitely buy 1 when my ATM card is "well". OK, I'm still not finding any FS!

Second Stop: Somewhere erm... where am I???

It's just about 10pm after I've already sight seeing around the uptown, so next stop I've planned to go to the famous i-City - which I'm not really sure where. But I've already determined to search it no matter what and to see if my motorcycle's oil-meter really works (it had always struck Full for a couple of days).

But one thing for sure when going around in a big city is all of its main roads are one way road only, which means that if i've missed the intersection of the right road, I would have to cycle around the entire city just to went back at the same point - There's no turning back or U turn whatsoever!

And I'm really sucks at location, that I've to go around the city TWICE and I've almost reaching Klang before I've finally reach the destination.

Third Stop: i-City... Finally!

At last after an hour on the road I've finally saw the glimpse of the luminous i-City from afar. But going there is not easy as to get through of the wide highways and junctions. But in the end after so much hardships I've finally entering the main road towards it, just to realize that it was just in front of UiTM main campus' back door. Geeez!!

My first impression when got there? well for me it's too full of lights there. The colorful neon lights had finally struck my eyes by the time I reached the main junction towards it. And entering the place is like entering a whole different world, where all the trees are glimmering with artificial lights. What an extraordinary view!

But to tell you and myself the truth, it's not really stand out as its reputation. The so-called i-City, which is dubbed as the new MSC-based silicon city of Shah Alam is more like a funfair to me rather than a glimpse of future infrastructures and environment.

The only thing that's worth brought there is not an i-Phone, or a laptop or watever state-of-the-art gadget that you have that might be synchronized with the "future" environment there, but just merely a camera that allows you to mencapub (mencari publisiti murahan. yes I jeles ok!) all night long, or for those who just want to see all the fancy light toys that they sell there.

For me, i-City is no more than a family-themed disco!

Haha after hanging out there for a while, it's time for me to get back home (and get lost in the highways, AGAIN!).

And did I find my fried sushi in the end?? Fortunately, it's sold at i-City but its costs RM5 each! T.T

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Progress is a very subjective thing among individuals. But it has been agreed that the term progress itself is a universal indicator on how a person's dreams becomes realized in any way possible - a kind of solace and contemplation of a person's journey towards his/her respective life.

But in a bigger context, an individual's idea of progress can also be affecting other people as well. This can be clearly illustrated in our minds through the works of politics.

Yes, the man who controls the office rules the people.

But still, the political atmosphere of our country not only affects the secular environments but also affects the lifestyle as well as the social fabric of our multiethnic society.

Which turn to take?

While most countries tried their best to cast away the influence of religion in pursuing progress, one could not help but to realize that we are heading towards the opposite direction - towards religion in order to pursue success.

Religion, in the form of Islam which are the official religion of the Federation of Malaysia and therefore is implemented in national level - had change Malaysians in term of their culture from their ancestral roots towards Islamic values.

The most obvious case that we could found here is veiling issue. Do we realize that when looking at the 60's films, especially the P. Ramlee's films that it's hard or almost impossible to find a single veiled women?

An example of a typical Malay appearances during the 60's.
(from the movie Madu Tiga)

I tend to think that the women at that time are just like nowadays, where the elites or well-known figure likes to dress in a very sexy kebaya with hairs being tighten up at the back in "siput" style and with some scarf hanging at their neck or sometimes being loosely put onto their head, in which I guess they considered as a veil.

Well, it's so obvious that we've become secularized back then as we were almost right now. But how are we changing and becoming what we are right now?

I think politics as well as globalization do plays a role there. Wan Ssei said on his blog that during the 80's, people are veiled are subjected to social prejudice, where they're labeled as extremists and as a sign of regression. But the awareness towards promoting women to become veiled had long rooted during the 70's where some politicians and NGO's started to promote veiling towards Muslim women.

And now, despite being challenged consistently by left-wing political party in which tries to separate the influential Islam from the government, and therefore the constitution, but with the majority of the lawmakers as well as the people still adherent to the religion, Islam still a part of the governments, as well as the culture and society.

But politics, as people already known is a very nasty business to be involved with these days. Politicians tend to do anything to get secure their way towards power and money. Bribes, corruption, slandering other people etc. are the most common practice of unscrupulous politician, which are very hard to be differentiated.

So is it a very good idea putting Islam side by side with politics?

The most obvious case can be seen is in Turkey's political history - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk whom are cherished by the secularist as the so-called "liberator" of the conservative old Turkey and being damned notoriously by the Islamic world as the destroyer of the caliphate imperialism.

He is one of the most extraordinary cases as well as his notoriously achievement that shows how a single person can revoked the deep-rooted culture of Ottoman Empire and reshaping it to the contrary completely without the influence of Communism like in Russia or China, but merely just an act of defiance against religious order in the name of progress and secularism.

Kemalists said they does not believe in God and rejected God's teachings in the life.
Ironically, in the end they worship Ataturk, an ordinary human being as God.

So what happen in the end for Turkey, after a period of religious and ethnicity turmoil as well as economic recession that brings them almost onto the Turkish knees. Are they achieved the prosperity and progress that they've promoted by relying only through secularism and pragmatism? Not as I can remember.

In the end, the rise of Islamic consciousness into their political atmosphere that saves their fate from total destruction that they brought upon themselves due to their arrogance towards God. Alas the society had been guided back towards their ancestral roots.

To put things simple, what our society will become in the future depends on whom leading the way today. It depends on how what a person in capable of. Therefore becoming a leader is a very heavy responsibilities, and these burden are also carried out by the politicians, regardless of how their quality are.

And that's what politics is all about.