Friday, 17 December 2010

Fly To Seoul

Check out this vid! I've fallen in love with it since the first time I've watched it on TV. So spell bounded by it that I've to Youtubed it and download into my lappy. And if you notice the main song of this blog too is based on it ;D

I guess this is just one of the tourism commercial that promotes their capital, Seoul. This time they wants to promote via the help of their entertainment industry that's well known among the Asian sphere. But I'm not representing the Korean Tourism Board whatsoever, so cut the crap about the history of Seoul bla3 that you can Google it on the Internet.

But one thing for sure is that they've succeeded in expressing their objectives in the promotion. It's really dazzled me to see how vibrant and energetic Seoul can be. But what can be less expected from them? The city has been renowned for its fast-paced modernism that stands second just before Tokyo in the Northern Asia urbanisation hemisphere.

The truth is, this vid really caught my attention to see how grand and glorious it is to live in a world of capitalism. Call me having symptoms of a culture shock fever, I don't care. But this so called metropolites (metropolitan + elites) way of living is one seducing way that's very hard to resist.

To see peoples went shopping in a grand malls reminds me of going shopping at Banda Hilir, which are well-known for its landmarks of Pahlawan Megamall and Mahkota Parade. I would be lying if I don't enjoy the company of friends looking at branded apparels and walks out magnificently along the wide avenue of renowned shop lots. There is so much to see, and so much to buy!

Nevertheless, this luxurious way of living doesn't just come without a price. The capitalism way of living, as anyone already known it doesn't applied to those who doesn't have money to spent on. Like the infamous quote of my best friend, people would be nothing without any money.

But I always looks things on both sides. And I've realised that these are just a part of it.

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