Monday, 20 December 2010

Pictures worth a thousand words

I've once published this pics on Facebook, and now I want to do it again here, a simple message in which people ignored. If they're really exists the so-called propaganda war towards the Muslims, well considered that this is my part to defend my religion.

Anyway kudos to the creator (I've lost track of him lol) for such a good message!

Saturday, 18 December 2010


Hearing this melodious song that I've got from War and Beauty (which I used it on my blog lol), suddenly it made me remember of my golden days during studying in Jengka. I remember the times when I first got the offer, I really felt scared on how my life there might be. Considering myself as a bad ass in socializing, it made me feel unsecured upon what I might encounter at the new place.

I was thinking to myself at that moment, oh God give strength to get through this all by myself. I've already have in my box of mind how lonely and full of hardships my life would be there, with maybe no friends and will be shunned like whom I have during my school days. And I've to convinced myself that my new life there would be no more than striving for success and creating a better future - alone.

But regardless of such an ominous prediction by myself, deep in my heart I've always prayed that I might be blessed with a friend or a couple of them whom will accepted me as I am, a friend in which I can share my problems as well as happiness and whom I can spend almost everything with. I've watched on TV how good friends sometimes have their differences, but in the end they resolve it and that eventually makes their bonding becomes everlasting. In some way, I wish that I could experience such situation.

And I remember the first week during MMS which most people use it as the best time for making new cliques and friends, what I got in the end is almost none. But why I don't blame myself on that, since MMS is such an exhausting period that I could care less for others. Thinking about how hell tomorrow might be is making me preoccupied enough. So spare me the friendship hunting!

As a result, I only met somebody that I really could remember his name is just during the class session, in which I've been elected as the class wrap thanks a lot to him. Him by the name of Khalid. God really helps me at that time. Being a class wrap do have its privileges. It makes me becomes serious in remembering each of my classmates' name at least, and by doing such a favor also getting me an easy ticket to talk with them, even though its just a decent conversation. But it works!

Khalid doesn't just did that, he also introduced me to other friends that now I realized how I treasured and missed every moments with them. I've never forget how myself, Khalid, Kikim and Matnor spends up our weekends hanging around at the warongs in Jengka, trying new food available while sharing stories about our respective backgrounds, as well as gossiping about the backgrounds of others - sharing many funny jokes and ghost stories. How I've remembered spending almost every night on Khalid's room chatting until 2 to 3am, until in the end no one is brave enough to went back into their rooms because to Kikim's horror stories. How I wish that the moments could be repeated!

But what I treasured most about Khalid is that how his characters warms up my coldness that have long entrenched deep inside me - something that I think I could never change about myself. He cracks up my inner conscience about the peoples all around me. But as all good friendships in TV, we maybe encounters some problems and I would be lying if I said we does not quarreling about trivial matters this past few years, but in the end that's makes our friendships even stronger. He's like my social aid or something.

In the end, I've just realized that I really felt to be loved by all my friends, not only from just the friends that I've mention before, but also from others such as Syed and his outstanding wits to defy nature, as well as others such as Fuzley, Nok, Shubi, Dek Mie, Salleh, Har, Hash, Farid, the Shafiqs and others that's so many for me to mention here... (But I've never forgot you all, I promise!)

And now all the good years have already came to an end. But it's worth to live up to it, and in the end I've realised that all the bad thoughts that I've had before were no more than a wishful thinking of somebody whom are afraid of himself, afraid of changes that never stops evolving around him. But as the good moments maybe ended, the friendships as well as all the memorable nostalgia lasts forever. I've always felt that I've owed it all to God.

Now this year have come almost to an end. A new year will emerge, and with it comes a new chapter of my ever-changing life. How this will turns out to be?

This time I have a very good feeling about it. : )

Friday, 17 December 2010

Fly To Seoul

Check out this vid! I've fallen in love with it since the first time I've watched it on TV. So spell bounded by it that I've to Youtubed it and download into my lappy. And if you notice the main song of this blog too is based on it ;D

I guess this is just one of the tourism commercial that promotes their capital, Seoul. This time they wants to promote via the help of their entertainment industry that's well known among the Asian sphere. But I'm not representing the Korean Tourism Board whatsoever, so cut the crap about the history of Seoul bla3 that you can Google it on the Internet.

But one thing for sure is that they've succeeded in expressing their objectives in the promotion. It's really dazzled me to see how vibrant and energetic Seoul can be. But what can be less expected from them? The city has been renowned for its fast-paced modernism that stands second just before Tokyo in the Northern Asia urbanisation hemisphere.

The truth is, this vid really caught my attention to see how grand and glorious it is to live in a world of capitalism. Call me having symptoms of a culture shock fever, I don't care. But this so called metropolites (metropolitan + elites) way of living is one seducing way that's very hard to resist.

To see peoples went shopping in a grand malls reminds me of going shopping at Banda Hilir, which are well-known for its landmarks of Pahlawan Megamall and Mahkota Parade. I would be lying if I don't enjoy the company of friends looking at branded apparels and walks out magnificently along the wide avenue of renowned shop lots. There is so much to see, and so much to buy!

Nevertheless, this luxurious way of living doesn't just come without a price. The capitalism way of living, as anyone already known it doesn't applied to those who doesn't have money to spent on. Like the infamous quote of my best friend, people would be nothing without any money.

But I always looks things on both sides. And I've realised that these are just a part of it.

Thursday, 16 December 2010

War and Beauty: Greatest drama ever!

The first time I've watched this drama is on TVB pearl screen on TV3. It was the last TVB dynasty that aired everyday at 6pm since like I was on primary school. Too bad it has to came to an end.

But at least TV3 ended this slot gloriously by airing such a great drama as their final touch. I've love this story so much that I don't mind spending rm37 when I saw this VCD on the store. It's worth it.

This story is gradually based on the imperial time of the Qing dynasty, the last dynasty that ruled China before its falls under the burden of revolution and war. It was based on a story of the struggle of the concubines within the palace for the emperor's love and attention, which in the end secures their influence and power within the imperial court.

What I've seen from this drama episodes by episodes is how the intricate lives of all the imperial subjects within the forbidden city. I was fascinated with how everyone must be clever and virtous, at least verbally in order for them to survive. One wrong step eventually will costs their head.

The twists and plots becomes exciting in the beginning, in which every "lady-in-waiting" (concubine candidates) uses their trickery to try to eliminate each other, while at the same time trying to get the blessing of the main concubine, Madam Yue in which are the most notorious concubine among them.

Madam Yue, which are always the emperor's favourite, never let anyone else outshine her, and make sure that any concubine dares to threaten her position in the palace will suffer fatal consequences, and was more than determine to sack the power of authority from the empress.

But as the plot continues, the empress proves to be more than supreme above others in term of devious in the palace. She's not only managed to outshine Madam Yue in front of the Emperor, but had also stolen her new born princess from the care of the poor mother.

As the bully is eliminated and the empress rules supreme inside the 6 palaces of the inner courtyard of the forbidden city, then emerges from the ashes is three new concubines, Madam Shun, Madam Wah and Madam On, in which each has their own story.

But the most profound story is from Madam On, in which is just initially a Chief maid, but once found out that the person whom responsible for the so-called accidental death of her grandma is the empress herself, she abandoned her love and conscience and uses her wits to seduce the king and enters the realm of ladyship in order to nail the empress down.

The story is so complicated in context, but the director had planned well every detail to make sure that the viewers doesn't loose on track of the plots.

If On-shin does not pursue her revenge.. If eunuch Luk does not telling On-shin the truth about the death of her grandmother.. If Madam Wah does not trying to frame Dr. Suen for infidelity and furthermore having sexual course with him to get a child for His Majesty.. If Dr. Suen just trying to runaway with Madam Shun instead of pursuing his beloved Madam Wah until the very end...

But in the end, everybody loses. Such a sad story that shows how love, bureaucracy and fate turns out magnificently inside the four walls of The Forbidden City.


Changes is something that's so subjective. We often heard people whom opt to makes changes in their lives, but in the end most people becomes dwelled in the same circle of life as they used to.

Changes are also something that I've try so much to make in my entire life. So much that it has becomes a disappointment for me that the changes does not really happen in the end. Yeah, I must admit I'm the most secured-feeling person known to exists in this world. I've spend so much time, to be exact my previous 21 years old, by walking in the same path over and over again, the path so-called highway.

As pathetic as its sounds, that's the inconvenient truth that I've to admit. I've never strive for anything that I want. It is not like I'm been pampered and spoiled by my family friends etc., but maybe the way I've been living through in my life makes me become too much contented with my life. I've been long living in a safe shell, and now I realise that I've to break it, or else I would never move on.

I've been reminiscing my past for this couple of years, and I almost did not remember any occasion that I can considered a proud moments of my undertaking to achieve something. (Perhaps there is one though that I really treasures in my heart lol)

But since primary school, I've always achieve everything without so much constraints and efforts: My grades always strike to a safe level that it becomes the least that I would concern for in my school years. Plus my family, which are more or less supportive for me are also like me and happy for everything that I've achieve for. So in the end what that I concern for is everything but my future.

I always thought that life will always turns up for the best. So nothing is worthy to be fought in this life. They all would coming to us in the end.

If I could hear myself taking right now, I've realised how naive my perspective are for this world. Life has become too simple for me, so simple that it makes me feel that the previous 21 years of my youth is just more or less of a waste. In the end I realised that I haven't achieve anything.

My good friend always asked me to change. But to change from what? Frankly, I don't have anything worthy to fight for.

But what I learn in this couple of years have change that fact in me.

Bad or wrong is really not ours to judge. But in the end life is too short. Choosing the wrong path might ended me up damned for eternity. You'll never know whether you'll live long enough to makes mistakes, realised it and repent before the angel of death come upon you. So yes, I do think that this is an important decision that determines my fate, and more important, my soul.

Sometimes it's such a disappointment for me to realised that except my mom, my family does not really providing me the basis that I really need to further on my life. They gave me everything but anything that I really need for. But I think God really loves me. He provided me everything by showing me friends that can really help me see what life is really all about. If one day my family could realise that their responsibilities are not just providing money, food or clothes. What's more prominent is providing the inside, my conscience.

But I do realise that every individual has their own issues to faced in life. Every family, either they looks like a family to be modeled for, does not escaped from the ruthless of life. But it doesn't mean that it's worth to take the wrong decision just to cope and adapt with it.

In the end, every moves and decisions in our life will be judged by one truth only. And I've already chosen my path. And despite the road maybe narrow, with full of thorns and obstacles, I'll try my best to walk again. Because I know it is a straight path.