Thursday, 28 October 2010

Going for a fishing

The first paper for this final is just around the corner, yet I'm still feeling2 online and doing many stupid stuffs here on the internet. Living here in Jengka is somewhat very frustrating and bored-to-death sometimes, so people here tend to do many things to ease their lack of amusement. You don't believe it? Just check their posts on facebook. None of their activities ever relates here!

So, like most of the Jengkanese do, me too are very desperate to try whatever interesting things possible. Do something or be parish in boredom! And for me, i just came up with the craziest idea ever - going for a fishing. What is crazy about that? Hahaha. I'm not going to fish at some rivers or lakes, stupid. I want to go fishing somewhere into the deep and oceanic blue of PR!

what is PR? heheh. I'm not gonna tell you here. Well most of you are definitely not familiar with it, because that blue ocean is strictly forbidden for females (at least you'll get the idea).

anyway, I've heard from my friends that this part of the world is full of hungry fishes, like piranha, sharks and whatever. So i think why not if I went to fish there and ruins somebody's feelings in the process? i like ruining or at least playing with other people feeling! hehe

Hurm that might be interesting. but i must set up my mind that I'm not looking for partners and definitely no 18SX - just wanna talk to someone whom is desperate and dump him in the end. HAHAHAHA! (devilish laugh)

very mother f**ker indeed! geez!

And therefore by holding that so-called "pure" intention, I sailed upon there and throw my fishing rod. At the first night, the catches are not so encouraging. I only get some ugly looking squids that aren't even luscious to even make a dried shredded squid. (believe me, they're too hideous to even look at. yet i find it very surprising to know that these species even exists, and maybe it wasn't even been cataloged yet in taxonomy. very bizarre indeed)

After a failed attempt in the first two days, I examined what had been wrong. Is it the fishing rod that gave the problem, or it is the bait itself which are not good enough for the big fish? I choose the latter. Hence i look at my collection of bait that i have and i think none of it is potent enough to lure the big fish into my trap. so now what i need is to find or make a new bait. I need a major makeover!

Hence i seek the help of a semi-professional. (professional helpers came up with photo-packages which needs $!). He's a friend of mine, whom are a skillful plastic surgeon (via photoshop of course!) slash international underground figure. (He has already setting a record on catching many species of sharks, and now had settled down after finding his greatest catch so far - a Norwegian white shark!)

Well to shorten the story, he had helped me (and also taught me) to make a new fresh bait. so fetch! (thanks a lot sensei! i really appreciate it!) now the fishing game has move a step to a new level - more interesting than ever!

and last night I've went into the ocean again and test my luck. But luck wasn't really on my side last night due to the tide, which makes the ocean sea to become shallow and hence its really hard to sail further onto the ocean. but during this moment something extraordinary happen - i've been saved!

the revelation comes from one of my good friend, which has surprisingly suffering seasick after following me fishing for quite a while. for some reason my recently passion for fishing has struck the death upon him, and therefore he could not contained it anymore. he had to vomit; no, actually word vomit right onto my face. first i was quite shock with his sudden reactions, but after a while i understand his real intention. such a good friend indeed! =)

he said to me that this sea is very dangerous for me to ventured further in. and it is so devouring that a single mistake can lead you drowned into its dark waters, and there is no turning back after that. he felt responsible and guilty because he thinks that he is the one who've shown me the hidden path towards the sea, and now he thinks I'm so obsessed with it that he afraid that i might ended up falling from the grace of the heavens. well i think this is summary of what he had told me, analogically.

well the truth is he has a point there. maybe i'm quite obsessed with the intention in fishing and playing people's feeling that without notice, i might disappointing myself in the process. and I've also remembered before that I've asked him - as my friends before that please warn me if I've already almost crossing the boundary that I shouldn't ventured into. and for some reason i felt very grateful that he's done that. he saved me from the pits of hell!

as a result this "fishing trip" ends up unexpectedly, but in a good way i guess. I've already keeping up the rod as well as the bait and therefore destroy all the traces that I've made at that place before. and i thank God for His reminders and His love - that had preventing me to go astray further from His straight path.

P/S, if you really want to change or end your misdeeds, start it with paying attention to your daily solat. because if you never leave Him, He will also never leave u alone without His guidance. now i'm more than believe that solat is the best method in preventing (or saving) us from doing sinful acts. insyaAllah.

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