Sunday, 24 October 2010

Broke-my-back without any Mountain (Part 1)

I got this stupid dream last night (Stupid?) about some scenes that I'm not quite remember exerted from movies that I think I've already saw before. But the setting of the stories, as well as the plots are so cliched and movie-like, so I think its safe to think that it really came from a movie that I've already well forgotten. Based on a half-true story.

The story is like this: It started with a presence of a new teacher at school that I not quite remember his name. But the very much difference for him is that he brought along a different way of teaching as well a new atmosphere towards its student, in a way that not all people can accept it.

Yes, that teacher is kinda sissy, but he does not afraid to show it to the public. With makeups and foundations at par with text books and etc., that will definitely cause an upsurge of cultural shock among the students, and definitely the teachers are not very happy with this. This dude-girl-wannabe should be in serious trouble right now.

But to shorten the story, he has one advantage that saves him from the dreadful inquisition of the school's conservative society -his bravery to stand up on what he believes in as well as a good sense of humor. In the end he gets the respect if not the approval for his "unique" behavior from his colleagues as well as some of the students (This is definitely just a dream. Don't expect this much on the real world sissy!).

But like in the movies, they're not complete unless there's a bad guy - in the form of the discipline teacher and well known as one of the four horsemen that brings apocalypse to the students that had fallen from his grace - whom lurking around looking at his opportunity to initiate a full-scale attack towards this so-called teacher.

Then as the plot continues, there is a boy, a student of his who are very fond of this teacher's bravery. He also inspired by how the teachers thought his students to believe and try to pursue their dreams. To stand up on what they believe in regardless on how other people might think or opposed it. He is like his knight in shining armor (By this moment the school somehow looks like a medieval school, where oppression on freethinkers are still strong and dwelling. Kinda exaggerating don't you think?).

This boy, whom I swear looks like the miniature version of Zackie Fernandez (minus the handicapped part) is so adored to this teacher and for some reason wants to follow this teacher's footstep. Not in the sissy kind of way I mean but how the teacher do whatever he feels like without any constraint or even considering the sanctions of the society. He do everything in his own way, a positive kind of way I mean. Not in a way that he dragged and wearing girls clothes in school and everyone felt okay with it!

So cutting all the craps in between, in the end the teacher finally gets a final warning on doing something that I'm not really sure what (That part is being disrupted by the alarm tone on my mobile, just imagine that it was something heroic ok). He barely passed the judgment with a knife on his throat that will cut him loose whenever he done any mistakes whatsoever in the future.

As the climax approaches, suddenly without notice his exercise book fell on the other side of the balcony, the side in which with a wrong step, he might end up on the school's courtyard - breathless. But since the book is important to him, he have to take that chances to take it back. He climbs the balcony's wall in a Korean sitcom drama kind of way and carefully stepped on the steep cement of the balcony edges. And eventually he succeeds with hardships.

But without his notice, his protege-wannabe student also saw the incident and thought that the teacher is doing something cool again if not stupid. So somehow he is so retardedly stupid to join the party (but kids, who can blame them?) and climb up the balcony's wall on his side. But as he finally made it, he slipped and fall, luckily on the top of a tent if I'm not mistaken.

But his luck ends here. Somehow the vengeful discipline teacher were also at the crime scene and caught the poor boy red-handed. He finally get what he dream for - a solid proof to eliminate his enemy once and for all. A chance of a lifetime. He ordered the student as well as his entire classmate to be assembled at the courtyard, waiting for their teacher who still are not aware of the situation to join the trial.

The bait is set, and now he just have to wait for the hero to come in and "save" the day.

So what will happen to the unfortunate boy and his sissy teacher?
To be continued...

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