Monday, 25 October 2010

Blogs. Have you read them?

Today's word is flexibility. Why flexibility you might ask? Because that is one word that I can come up with after window-blogging so many blogs that exists infinitely in this edgeless realm.

Thanks to Khalidas, his commitment of almost 24-7 venturing from one blog to another - reading facts (despite the uncertain one), comments and review on almost everything, stories, fairytale (not the classic ones), real life drama that some are inappropriate be viewed by the public, and gossips (just intentionally highlighted that part since it constitutes 79% of the genre that revolves in almost every blog that we've seen) - which in the end also sparks my interest to do the same, but minus the period time spend.

What can I say about blogs is that, it is way better than Wikipedia. I've been known to have spend so much time reading anything that interests me on Wikipedia, mostly touches about historical facts, theology, as well as political and social fields that i find very fascinated about. But reading blogs, in some way it gives a disadvantage that it hard to find something that we want specifically since blogs are usually written in random fields (except for some oriented blogs that might gives you what you've asked for, but still it is a very random shot). Yet peoples still read blogs because it is appealing to see, interactive to explore and more importantly I find it very interesting and sometimes seducing to read what other people have in their mind.

Peoples like surprises, and that what almost every bloggers offers to their die hard followers. Sometimes it is far much better reading blogs than newspapers I would say, because blogs' content are not so formal, which means that it's not boring and dull. And bloggers tend to add up more "spices and sauces" into their writing so that their articles becoming more tantalizing and can struck to the mind core of their readers.

In concept, blogs applies the same rules as gossiping: the more accessories you add in your story, the merrier the audience. Hence the authenticity of the story is usually compromised to lure and soothes up the desires of their listeners. But blogs has its own of advantages to overcome these matters in the form of videos, pictures, citation or any other recordable proof that can become a subject of influencing if not manipulating the people and gain their trust on the bloggers' idea.

What is more flexible than that? Changes can be made almost instantly via blogs, and any news (or mostly rumors) can spread instantly around the globe. If you as lazy as me to write even a simple post on a blog, it's not lethal for you to just read them. You'll have nothing to lose, instead you'll might gain more than you've asked for.

If knowledge is the food of mind, therefore Blogs is its fast food. Eat them too much and the overdose preservatives will clog your head. Blogs are meant to read in your leisure times, not almost any time that you could find. So please, don't become too consumed over it, will ya?

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