Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I'm Lost

the truth is.. im still confused.. i dont know what to expect in this journey of myself.. i tried to bring it back into the course of what i assume a true path, but in the end i realised that it is still bending towards somewhere else.. it's still going somewhere that only God's know where... I'm confused on what i am becoming rite now.. it's so much confusion between the right path and the path that I'm coursing into.. the truth is, im venturing much deeper into the abyss.. and i dont want to know on what to expect next..

i always asking myself, what am i want from this life.. but this question echoes around since the day i graduated from secondary school.. I've asked other people about this and hearing so many thoughts and consultation.. but still no more from myself.. im still blinded with the answer.. it's so pathetic... but still it is the truth.. i'm confused.. and i don't even know where to begin anymore...

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