Saturday, 6 February 2010

7 Deadly Sins

New chapter has started today, but definitely last nite is a nite to be remembered.. With scandalous gossips, back-stabbing, and jealousy as well as hatred that happens behind the scene of a so-called "corrupted" yet wanna look like still holds some sort of unity, as they said.. Always count on us when it is related to hypocrisy! Yeah, like h*** said, life here is full of drama.. and like it or not, we are a part of it.. so play it or get dismissed!

The first behind-the-scene drama of the year.. that had happen just as recently as last nite but it rooted like from since the Roman Empire or something.. which involves one of the seven deadly sins, an epic which involve two words: POLITICS and POWER! Yes, the struggle to obtain power and influence has come to a new chapter this semester, with someone is being boycotted?? Yes, this dark game had ended with a sacrifice, a sacrifice that comes in combo with his new achieved power.. With great power comes great responsibility.. and for him, great responsibility also means social wreck! Poor him.. thank God life is like a wheel, today you maybe fall down, but you will always get on to the top eventually! or maybe he hasn't down yet? who knows, maybe he still holds some tricks on his sleeves..

Maybe someone might wondered who that might be, or everyone has figured it out already? Sorry, but here we hav one absolute rule - privileges of censorship.

And now for the second drama, not as vicious as the first, but it also involves WRATH and someone being kicked out of the picture! Yes after a very long period of dormancy and concealment, mount Vesuvius has finally erupted! and it definitely involves casualty in term of relationship.. in the end someone is stepping down involuntarily after a long struggle for his own survival.. but it doesn't end there everyone! as I've heard, new volcanic activity has emerged deep underwater as a result of the previous eruption, and it's escalating into a level that it could break out anytime and anywhere! Gosh does we really need WWIII here?? definitely not at my place!

More info? ask the meteorologists!

The third drama is quite dramatic, i mean who knows that there is a crocodile that lurks behind calm water.. crocodile in the form of Eve.. well now finally they resurfaced, in the most barbaric way that no one will ever believe it until they sees it.. which involves calling nasty names, condemnation, cursing... and witchcraft??! OMG who knows that the Bell Witch are finally here, in this remote and hostile jungle! how VANITY destroys everything! but the details are still very cloudy, since the girls has kinda have their oath of secrecy or watever.. but one thing for sure, it will leak eventually and end up here definitely.. Beware girls, your big dark secret would not remain secrets forever!

And suddenly i remembered about this one girl which thinks that she was the most beautiful person in her own fantasy kingdom under the rainbow.. which all of her subjects and peoples praised and loved her.. and she have a magic mirror in her chamber that always tells her, "you are.. you're the fairest of them all.." sounds like barbie, right..? well just loose that R and E, because she does not realize that she was a red-haired witch and the mirror's lied! I barely knew her but she gave me a warm welcome by calling me a stalker.. well, thank you for your warm hospitality witch.. it's warmed me hot enough that it gets into my nerves to write this.. Be careful witch, because if you slipped your veil too much with your big mouth, you'll end up being burnt at the stake!

The last, but not the least, involves ROMANCE.. it is about a controversial story of not triangular, but hexagonal love that criss-crosses between six different person.. yes 6! sounds like a myth, and it may have.. since this story only occurs one way at a time, so its really hard to keep up with it, or to really understand the relationships.. but one thing for sure, all the six figures definitely has a crush on someone else in the circle! cannot picture it on your head yet? just remember benzene ring, and you'll get the idea.. but as the trails are barely noticeable, it may just end up with just a speculation after all.. or is it..?

But not all girls stories involve controversies and foul play.. Some are like fairy tale stories, which end up happily ever after.. at least for now. Here, in this post full of controversies and dramas that happened under my nose, if it is not too late, i would like to say cheers to my classmate for her 21st birthday which happened last Thursday the 3rd.. and i hope that this week is the best week of her life.. may all her wish and dreams come true.. if God permits it.. ^^

In the end, deadly sins will always becomes man's (or women) best friend.. and from that, new-born controversies and deadly scandals will again becomes the headlines of this blog.. Until then, sayonara everyone.. x.0.x.0

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