Saturday, 30 January 2010

Fantastic work of art, that is Legion

I cant wait to see the new movie, Legion.. it's trailer really get my attention.. "what's happen when God lost faith in human, again?" so catchy, rite? nevertheless, the Christians are really done it this time.. first Constantine, and then this? they really like experimenting with their religion i guess.. that what makes me felt interest with Christianity, is how they make their religion as a vessel of art.. not devotion..

at the beginning maybe this religion are based on the true teaching of God through His servant Jesus, but as the history continues, this religion is systematically being changed and its fundamental is being altered in one way or another.. starting with the divinity of Jesus.. then the condemnation of Mary Magdalene.. it is like an art, which is always in motion yet so abstract.. and changes dramatically within the flow of time.. pieces by pieces the theology of Christianity is being broken up and reassembled many times by various person according to their own believes and dogma, and this definitely involves substantial changes in biblical literature and teachings.. therefore, modification of the true concept occurs..

the art is initially born from the divine revelations from a God to His messenger, Jesus but later on it develops into more mortally, less-divine but still dramatic intervention - a fabricated work of art.. i always fascinated with the biblical story - the story of Joan of Arc for example.. a story of whom a peasant girl claimed to possess a divine vision from God which asking her to liberate France from England.. thinking at the rational side of it, why God suddenly becomes interested in political issues? and asking for mortal being to do God's job?? that's just so christian! just like the priest, a man who definitely have sins of their own, suddenly possess the power to grant salvation to others!

maybe God has a point to lose His faith on His children.. the coup d'état of His power of salvation to mankind by the clergy really leads Him nothing to hold towards His servants.. sounds ironic for a man called God!

and then suddenly i remember the story of the Ecstasy of St. Theresa, of which i find out from the famous novel Angels & Demons and search for it at Wikis.. basically it is a story of St. Theresa, a woman of who claimed an angel come from nowhere to her and fuck her with a so-called holy arrow~ and that's something spiritual?? my God that's happen like everyday and everywhere after a wild "cocktail" party! but nevertheless i still like the sculpture though.. it has an art value in it, a pristine delicacy with a reflection of intimacy yet looks so pure and naive.. but not divine at all!

but in the end, christians always shows how they like their work of art changes and progress with the advance of time.. in the crucifixion of Jesus, they interpret it as a divine act of salvation via Jesus' blood, while the truth is just Jesus himself is being back-stabbed by his own apostles.. then the act of Emperor Constantine, which again alter the foundation of Christianity by making Jesus the son of God and mix it with pagan teachings.. then the selling of the Certificate of Indulgences and the Catholic's domination, which eventually leads to the formation of protestants and reforms.. then the renaissance came, where people eventually become fed up with all the religious intolerance and reduce its values in their daily life, proclaiming that Science and Reason are the new God for progress.. which eventually makes the gospels looks no more than a fairytale and destroys the centuries' grip of heavens on mankind..

then now, at the 21st century - all the alteration that occurs within the Christianity, dated back more than a millennium are being resurfaced by famous novels and movies.. and radical changes in the form of perspective and doctrines are still occurs.. all this shows how Christianity develops not through the perspective of God, but merely through the eyes of its devotees..

and it doesn't stop there.. in Constantine, it shows that even God's most trusted being - Gabriel can also becomes misled in his judgment and try to involve into 'human's salvation' campaign through the release of pure evil into the world.. and now Legion, where God is said to lost His faith in human and suddenly forgetting His apocalyptic promise in Bible and sent His angels to destroy human kind a.s.a.p.. right before suddenly there is an angel denying that order and trying to protect what he believes that will save human from total annihilation! that's so dramatic, if not confusing..

so in the end, i realized that in christian point of view, politics and dramas occurs not even at earth, but also in heaven as well.. gosh~ we human and heavenly beings suddenly becomes so much alike!

so why just only human beings are being judged and thrown into either Hell and Heaven, while the angels gets free tickets to cloud nine?? that's not fair!! maybe there will be a story about that, who knows.. and the foundation of Christianity will be changed once more under the name of art...

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