Monday, 4 January 2010

It's campus time now

It was very quiet up here in my room, with sab doing his own thing and the other two of my new roommates doing the other. It was so hard for us to mix in this new environment.

Before going back to campus, i felt kinda excitement rushing in my vein, as the new semester becomes nearer. i felt a sudden feel of gracious because i get a room inside the college again this semester, and when the first day come, it was a happy ending after all.. i get a very cool and strategic site.. block b level 2! i could not wish for better than this. The best thing is, this room is a wifi area, meaning that i could get on the globe for 24-7! Dear god that's really a blessing. Thank God for everything...!

But nothing is perfect in this world! i could not agree better. while all the thing about this room is soo cool, well its inhabitant is definitely not! i dont know why UPK is soo crappy and suck when it is about placing students in their rooms, but i feel like hell for just thinking about the other two that we have been paired against.
I dont want to become discriminate to them, but it seems that this chemistry is too "awkward" for me to be imagined about.. oh i dont know.. i dont wanna make this kinda sucks or ended up miserably.. but the truth is i still holds some sceptical on them.. but i prayed and hope for the best.. maybe it has some kind of blessing in disguise.. who knows?

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