Friday, 10 July 2009

Now highlighting... prequel of the Da Vinci Code

Really, before reading the Da Vinci Code novel, i thought that the only nemesis that the Vatican had faced over the century was only Islam and the Protestants, and i never knew that there is still some Christians who believed in the most profound truth, the true teaching of God, that is Jesus is merely a teacher.. a preacher.. not more than a prophet!

I also learn from this novel that is was all an effort of a pagan emperor, Constantine who is responsible for the corruption of the true teachings of Jesus with the pagan rituals, an assimilation that has astray all the Christians 300 years after the death of Jesus.. and so many interesting facts and myths of the ancient times are revealed in the novel.. Therefore, i strongly believes that no one should ever missed it, regardless of their religion!

Nevertheless, I was so thrilled to see coming of the prequel of the box-office movie Da Vinci Code, called Angels & Demons.. Really exciting to know what exciting mysteries that Langdon will face in this movie.. But i really, really disappointed that i missed it on the cinemas!! huhu.. Works really kills me in the form of time and opportunity to leisure on the city.. But the frustating pain suddenly is relieved when i found a bookshop that sold all the novels written by Dan Brown..

It was the most exciting day of my life when going to a bookstore.. hahaha.. and of course i bought it all! and i'm sure damn excited to share with all of you about the adventures when im done reading it!! so don't missed it ok?!

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