Saturday, 2 May 2009

Its hard to satisfy people's desire.. especially when you are BROKE rite now!!

I have a friend..
He asks me to go accompanying him to go Pasar Malam
(Night Market)..
Despite i don't have any money rite now,
I still patheticly accept his request..
And yet, my head is still thinking rite now,
"what on earth am i going to do there when i don't have any money to buy anything??!!"
Most of us will definitely have involved in this kind of situation once or twice in their daily life. A friend, whom is quite close to us, asking us to do something that either we are incapable of or we are not in the mood for it, what are the most intriguing answer that we could come out with?

Mostly for us, the answer would either "no thanks" or "i'm not in the mood", yet some people tend to give more honest answer - "sorry, im broke" which are more patheticly considerable, yet it also gave a sense of hope that our partner will gave his/her final rewarding declaration that all the expenses are on his/her treats.

It seemed to be easy to handle such cases, but what about reagarding in situation in which we have already making the promise in the first place, before realizing that our pocket has already empty? Or in situations in which our friend is so insisting, and yet we finally surrendered to his/her compelling pressure?

Obviously, it will be meaningless plus a waste of time if you go to Pasar Malam without any money to spend on. But a promise is still a promise, and it is our duty to accomplish it.

So the problem is now, how am i going to find some money so that i do not look penniless and desperate at the Pasar Malam?? May i remind that it is like less than 5-6 more hours to countdown!!

Nevertheless, the only effective option that i have rite now, that i might do if there is no other option for this evening's hang out, is borrowing from other people!!!

Humiliating, yes. But not as humiliated as watching our friends eating his food while desperately looking for something that was more distracting from that!

Moral of the story:
Be aware on your pockets when deciding on someone's invitation for a hang out, because your financial life might hang in balance with it!

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